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Posted By : Mr. Vivek Kumar     Posted Date : May 15,14   Hits : 5157    

As few months to go to preliminary examination of civil services 2014, the aspirants start discussing a lot about paper 2 i.e. CSAT especially those who think that they are not having such background or they are weak in these areas but its more about mindset than reality. As far as background is concerned all are having such background but the problem is with the alienation of the topic.

To get rid of this problem we have to explore the key alphabet of the magical abbreviation CSAT and that is ‘A’. Here ‘A’ stands for aptitude which is a broad and micro at the same time. Broad because its range is quite large, any kind of question which can be solved without any prior factual knowledge is aptitude. As it consist plenty of thing like math, reasoning, comprehension, decision making and many more which uses logic. And micro because in aptitude little knowledge and more thinking is required and that thinking should be logical. Once you start thinking logically things will become bed of roses for you.

The practice of logical thinking will also help in general studies as well because general studies is so vast that to retain all the information and concept is quite difficult without logical thinking.

This can be illustrated by following examples:- 

1. Find the value of x + y + z? If 30x + 28y + 31z = 365

Now to solve this question no need to mug up the concepts of equations and all but simply think about the given equation for a while then you can see that 365 is the number of day in a normal year. Hence x will be the no. of months having 30 days, y will be the no. of month having 28 days and z will be the no. of months having 31 days. Finally x + y + z will be the total no. of months that is 12.

2. Find the area of Trapezium ABCD where AD = CB, DB = 13 and height of Trapezium is 5?

First of all try this question with your mathematical formula then you come to know that how difficult to solve this question by prior knowledge of mathematics so called aptitude.

Now look at the following method of solving this question then you come to know that how aptitude works.

Cut the portion ADF and paste it as CBE. The moment you will do it the whole figure which was seems to be difficult become quite easy. Now we have a rectangle DFBE where DF = 5 and DB = 13 so by Pythagoras theorem we can simply find FB = 12 hence area of FBED = 12 * 5 = 60. 

There are a lot of such examples which proves that aptitude is all about simple logic. This does not require any specialization.

Finally in my concluding sentences I would like to suggest all those students who are going to take challenge on 24th of august 2014 that don’t leave any question because you don’t know any formula regarding that question, try to solve all questions with simple logic and utilize the given options as well because some its very valuable to solve questions with the help option rather than going through actual process of solving. Believe me it will save your time and assure your selection.

Your comments and suggestions are cordially invited.  


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