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  • Internal Democracy in Political Parties

    For Prelims: Election Commission, local body, Representation of the Peoples’ Act, 1951 For Mains: Internal Democracy of Political Parties...

    29 Sep 2022 Parliament

  • Amendments to Biodiversity Bill, 2021

    For Prelims: Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, Ayurveda Yoga Naturopathy Unani Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) For Mains: Significance &...

    11 Aug 2022 Parliament

  • The Privileges of Members of Parliament

    For Prelims: Vice President of India, Enforcement Directorate (ED), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Income Tax department (IT), Article...

    10 Aug 2022 Parliament

  • Inner – Party Democracy

    For Prelims: Indian Constitution, British Constitution, Indian Parliament, British Parliament For Mains: Comparison of Indian Constitution with...

    06 Aug 2022 Parliament

  • State Assembly Sittings

    For Prelims: State Legislature, Parliament, Ordinance, Private Member Bill, National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution For...

    30 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Rules regarding Suspension of MPs

    For Prelims: Suspension of Members of Parliament, Provisions related to the Houses of Parliament For Mains: Rules for the Suspension of MPs Why...

    30 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Right to Health

    For Prelims: Right to Health, Seventh Schedule, Private Bill, Public Bill For Mains: Significance of Health Sector in an Economy, Challenges in...

    23 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Role of Rajya Sabha in Indian Democracy

    This editorial is based on “Why the Rajya Sabha Matters” which was published in The Indian Express on 23/07/2022. It talks about the...

    23 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Digital Speech in India

    This editorial is based on “Takedown Transparency” which was published in The Indian Express on 07/07/2022. It talks about Digital...

    08 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Election to the Office of the Vice-President of India

    For Prelims: Vice-President of India, Related Constitutional Provisions For Mains: Election Procedure of Vice-President of India Why in...

    04 Jul 2022 Parliament

  • Law of Anti-Defection Law

    This editorial is based on “The anti-defection law - political facts, legal fiction” which was published in The Hindu on 30/06/2022. It...

    30 Jun 2022 Parliament

  • New Norms for Sentence Remission

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Supreme Court, Article 161, Governor For Mains: Remission and Related...

    15 Jun 2022 Parliament

  • Article 142

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Governor For Mains: Challenges in adoption of Complete justice by Supreme...

    20 May 2022 Parliament

  • Pardoning Power of the President

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Supreme Court, Article 161, Governor. For Mains: Pardoning Power of the...

    12 May 2022 Parliament

  • 91st Amendment & Ceiling on Cabinet

    For Prelims: Public interest Litigation (PIL), Cabinet minister, 91st Amendment) Act, 2003 For Mains: Public Interest Litigation,...

    27 Apr 2022 Parliament

  • Indian Presidential Election

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions related to the election of President, Election commission of India. For Mains: Election of President and...

    14 Apr 2022 Parliament

  • Perspective- Rajya Sabha: The Upper House

    Why in News? The Upper House of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha or Council of States was constituted on 3rd April 1952 and the first session was...

    12 Apr 2022 Parliament

  • National Youth Parliament Festival 2022

    Why in News? Recently, the 3rd edition of National Youth Parliament Festival (NYPF) -2022 was conducted in the Central Hall of Parliament in New...

    12 Mar 2022 Parliament

  • Demand for Rajya Sabha Seat to Chandigarh

    For Prelims: Rajya Sabha, Article 80, Fourth Schedule of the Constitution, Schedules of the Indian Constitution, Private Member Bill For Mains:...

    02 Mar 2022 Parliament

  • Criminalization of Politics

    For Prelims: Amicus Curiae, Representation of People's Act, Criminalization of Politics. For Mains: Reasons, effects and solutions to...

    07 Feb 2022 Parliament

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