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  • New Parliament Building For New India

    This editorial is based on ‘India’s new Parliament, and why it is needed’ which was published in Indian Express on 29/05/2023. It...

    31 May 2023 Parliament

  • Productivity of Lok Sabha and Implications

    For Prelims: Productivity of Lok Sabha, Parliament, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Budget Session. For Mains: Productivity of Lok Sabha and...

    30 May 2023 Parliament

  • Promulgation and Re-promulgation of Ordinances

    For Prelims: Ordinance, Parliament, Governor, Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Ordinance, 1969, Judicial review, R.C....

    26 May 2023 Parliament

  • Sengol to be Installed in New Parliament Building

    For Prelims: Central Vista redevelopment project, Parliament, Sengol, Chola Empire, Governor-General of India, Union Budget 2022-23. For Mains:...

    25 May 2023 Parliament

  • Criminalisation of Politics

    For Prelims: Criminalisation of Politics, Association for Democratic Reforms, Corruption, Contempt of Law, Black Money, RP Act 1951. For Mains:...

    06 May 2023 Parliament

  • Model Code of Conduct 

    For Prelims: Model Code of Conduct , Election Commission of India For Mains: Role of the ECI in the Evolution of MCC, Model Code of Conduct -...

    02 May 2023 Parliament

  • Governor’s Power over State Bills

    For Prelims: Governor’s Power over State Bills, Supreme Court, Legislative Assemblies, Article 200, Article 201, Gubernatorial...

    26 Apr 2023 Parliament

  • Special Courts

    For Prelims: Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities (PoA)) Amendment Act, 2015, Special Jurisdiction, Chief Justice of...

    20 Apr 2023 Parliament

  • Role of Parliamentary Committees in Indian Democracy

    For Prelims: Types of Parliamentary Committees, Speaker, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha For Mains: Parliament Committees and its Significance Why in...

    14 Apr 2023 Parliament

  • Special Courts

    Prelims: Special Courts, Supreme Court, Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) (PoA) Amendment Act, 2015. Mains:...

    25 Mar 2023 Parliament

  • Guillotine in Indian Legislative

    Why in News? The ongoing stalemate in Parliament has led to speculation that the government may guillotine the demands for grants and pass the...

    25 Mar 2023 Parliament

  • Women's Underrepresentation in Politics

    This editorial is based on “In politics and bureaucracy, women are severely under-represented” which was published in the Indian...

    14 Mar 2023 Parliament

  • Article 142

    Prelims: Article 142, Supreme Court, Consumer Protection Rules, 2020, Consumer Protection Act 2019, Doctrine of ‘separation of...

    06 Mar 2023 Parliament

  • Supreme Court Verdict on ECI Appointments

    For Prelims: Election Commission of India, Supreme Court For Mains: Election Commission of India and its functions, Independence, appointment...

    03 Mar 2023 Parliament

  • Lok Sabha Speaker


    20 Feb 2023 Parliament

  • Speaker’s Role in Defection

    For Prelims: Anti Defection Law, 10th Schedule, All India Presiding Officer's Conference, 52nd Amendment in 1985, 91st Constitutional Amendment...

    20 Feb 2023 Parliament

  • The Missing Deputy Speaker

    Prelims: Position of speaker and Deputy speaker, Provisions for Presiding Officers Of the parliament. Mains: Significance of Deputy...

    15 Feb 2023 Parliament

  • Expunging in Parliament

    For Prelims: Unparliamentary Words, Expunging, Article 105(2) of Constitution. For Mains: Rules on Expunging, Procedure Related to...

    10 Feb 2023 Parliament

  • Judicial Majoritarianism

    Prelims: Judicial Majoritarianism, Supreme Court, Demonetization, Article 145(5), Article 145(3). Mains: Judicial Majoritarianism, related...

    03 Feb 2023 Parliament

  • Doctrine of Separation of Powers

    For Prelims: Doctrine of Separation of Powers, Basic Structure of Constitution, Supreme Court, NJAC Act For Mains: Doctrine of Separation of Power...

    14 Jan 2023 Parliament

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