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  • Prithvi-II Missile

    Why in News? Recently, India carried out a successful test launch of tactical ballistic missile Prithvi-II from a test range off the Odisha...

    12 Jan 2023 Nuclear Technology

  • Japan’s New Policy on Nuclear Energy

    Prelims: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power Plants, Uranium-235, India-U.S. civil nuclear deal. Mains: Prospect of India’s Nuclear Energy. Why...

    24 Dec 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Fusion Energy Breakthrough

    For Prelims: Nuclear fusion, Difference between Nuclear Fusion & Nuclear Fission. For Mains: Advantages of Nuclear Fusion. Why in...

    15 Dec 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Wassenaar Arrangement


    05 Dec 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Wassenaar Arrangement

    For Prelims: Wassenaar Arrangement, NSG, NATO, No Money for Terrorism, Terrorism. For Mains: Significance of India’s assuming Chairmanship...

    03 Dec 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Russia's Advanced Fuel Option for KKNPP

    For Prelims: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Plants of India For Mains: Nuclear Energy, Significance of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Plants of India Why in...

    26 Nov 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • CTBT and MTCR


    21 Nov 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty


    18 Nov 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Biological Weapon and Chemical Weapon Conventions


    08 Nov 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Prithvi-II Missile

    For Prelims: Prithvi II, DRDO, IGMDP, Agni IV, Ballistic Missiles, Various types of Missiles For Mains: Missile Technology of India, IGMDP Why...

    16 Jun 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • SIPRI Yearbook 2022

    For Prelims: Highlights of the Report For Mains: Need for Military Spending and associated Concerns Why in News? Recently, the Stockholm...

    14 Jun 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • National Technology Day

    Why in News? The Prime Minister expressed his “gratitude” towards the scientists and their “efforts” that led to the...

    12 May 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • The Prospect of Nuclear Energy

    This editorial is based on “Shutdown This Misguided Energy Policy” which was published in The Hindu on 12/03/2022. It talks about the...

    14 Mar 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Powerplant: Ukraine

    For Prelims: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Powerplant Location, Location of Ukraine. For Mains: Russia’s war over Ukraine, Nuclear Power Plant in...

    07 Mar 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Nuclear Fusion Energy

    For Prelims: Tokamak, Nuclear fusion, Difference between Nuclear Fusion & Nuclear Fission. For Mains: Advantages of Nuclear Fusion, Clean...

    11 Feb 2022 Nuclear Technology

  • Jaitapur Nuclear Reactors: Maharashtra

    Why in News Recently, the Centre has given in-principle (first step ) approval for setting up of six nuclear power reactors at Jaitapur in...

    17 Dec 2021 Nuclear Technology

  • Reports of Global Arms Trade: SIPRI

    Why in News According to a report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which tracks global arms trade, three Indian...

    08 Dec 2021 Nuclear Technology

  • Indian Navy Day

    Why in News Every year, Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December to respect the Indian Navy’s counter-attack in Operation Trident during...

    06 Dec 2021 Nuclear Technology

  • Nuclear Energy & Climate

    Why in News According to a recent study published by the Global Carbon Project (GCP), the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are set to soar 4.9%...

    01 Dec 2021 Nuclear Technology

  • Enriched Uranium Stockpile by Iran

    Why in News Recently, Iran’s atomic agency said that its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium has reached over 210 kilograms. In April 2021,...

    06 Nov 2021 Nuclear Technology

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