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  • India’s Goods Exports Touches New Height

    For Prelims: Status of India’s Exports, Trends in Exports For Mains: India's Export Outlook, challenges and Way forward Source: PIB Why...

    17 Apr 2024 Liberalization

  • Menace of Illegal Migration

    For Prelims: International Organization for Migration, Missing Migrants Project, Internal Migration, Donkey flight, Global Compact for Safe,...

    19 Mar 2024 Liberalization

  • Penicillin G and PLI Scheme

    For Prelims: Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Self-reliance, Covid-19, For Mains: Penicillin G...

    11 Mar 2024 Liberalization

  • Major Trade Agreements of India


    05 Mar 2024 Liberalization

  • Eased FDI Policy for Space Sector

    For Prelims: Foreign Direct Investment, Indian Space Policy 2023, Aditya L1. Chandrayaan-3, Mars Orbiter Mission, Indian National Space Promotion...

    27 Feb 2024 Liberalization

  • Bilateral Investment Treaties

    For Prelims: Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), Union budget 2024-25, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). For Mains: Bilateral Investment...

    19 Feb 2024 Liberalization

  • States’ Startup Ranking 2022

    For Prelims: Startup Ranking 2022, National Startup Award,2023, Startup. For Mains: Role of Startup in promoting Culture of Innovation, Ease of...

    22 Jan 2024 Liberalization

  • Extended PLI Scheme for Automobile and Auto Components

    Source: PIB Why in News? The Ministry of Heavy Industries has recently extended the tenure of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for...

    04 Jan 2024 Liberalization

  • Perspective: Vocal for local

    For Prelims: Vocal for Local, One District One Product, MSME, Make in India For Mains: Role of Vocal for Local in Self-Reliance What is the...

    14 Dec 2023 Liberalization

  • SEBI Board Approves Regulatory Framework

    For Prelims: Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks, SEBI...

    01 Dec 2023 Liberalization

  • Sugar’s Pressmud for Green Energy Production

    For Prelims: Sugar’s Pressmud for Green Energy Production, Compressed Biogas (CBG), Ethanol Biofuel, Biomethanation, Anaerobic...

    01 Dec 2023 Liberalization

  • Dollarisation and Economic Shifts

    For Prelims: Dollarisation, Inflation, Exchange rates, Monetary policy, De-dollarisation, India’s Trade agreements, Special Vostro Rupee...

    30 Nov 2023 Liberalization

  • Cyprus as a Tax Haven

    For Prelims: Tax haven, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, India's Tax Treaty with Cyprus, Tax evasion For Mains: Concerns and Implications of...

    18 Nov 2023 Liberalization

  • International Migration Outlook 2023

    For Prelims: International Migration Outlook 2023, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Latin America, Climate-Induced...

    26 Oct 2023 Liberalization

  • Surety Bonds

    Source: IE Why in News? Recently, some of the leading general insurers like New India Assurance, SBI General Insurance etc. have announced their...

    30 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • Global Debt Trends and Implications

    For Prelims: Global Debt Trends and Implications, Debt, Recession, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), International Monetary Fund (IMF). For Mains:...

    28 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • India’s Outward and Inward Investment Trends

    For Prelims: Outward Direct Investment (ODI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Tax Havens. For Mains: India’s Outward and Inward Investment...

    18 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • Gresham's Law and Currency Exchange Rate

    For Prelims: Fixed Exchange Rate, Floating and Managed Float Exchange Rate, Bretton Woods Conference, 2022 Sri Lankan Crisis, Inflation. For...

    15 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • Production Linked Incentive Scheme

    For Prelims: PLI Scheme for Electronic Manufacturing, Self-Sufficiency, Auto components, WTO Rules. For Mains: PLI Scheme -Significance and...

    23 Aug 2023 Liberalization

  • India’s Economy Challenges

    This editorial is based on India needs a new economic policy which was published in The Hindu on 12/08/2023. It talks about the challenges of the...

    14 Aug 2023 Liberalization

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