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  • India’s Outward and Inward Investment Trends

    For Prelims: Outward Direct Investment (ODI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Tax Havens. For Mains: India’s Outward and Inward Investment...

    18 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • Gresham's Law and Currency Exchange Rate

    For Prelims: Fixed Exchange Rate, Floating and Managed Float Exchange Rate, Bretton Woods Conference, 2022 Sri Lankan Crisis, Inflation. For...

    15 Sep 2023 Liberalization

  • Production Linked Incentive Scheme

    For Prelims: PLI Scheme for Electronic Manufacturing, Self-Sufficiency, Auto components, WTO Rules. For Mains: PLI Scheme -Significance and...

    23 Aug 2023 Liberalization

  • India’s Economy Challenges

    This editorial is based on India needs a new economic policy which was published in The Hindu on 12/08/2023. It talks about the challenges of the...

    14 Aug 2023 Liberalization

  • Rise of the Indian Rupee

    This editorial is based on Will rupee trade gain currency globally? which was published in The Hindu Businessline on 23/07/2023. It talks about the...

    24 Jul 2023 Liberalization

  • India Emerges as Most Attractive Emerging Market for Investment

    For Prelims: foreign direct investment, emerging market, ease of doing business, For Mains: Growth of India as Emerging Market for Investment,...

    14 Jul 2023 Liberalization

  • PM-PRANAM Scheme and Increased FRP

    For Prelims: Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP), Sugarcane, PM-PRANAM Scheme For Mains: Agricultural Pricing, Sugar production in the Indian...

    01 Jul 2023 Liberalization

  • Reforming Multilateral Development Banks

    This editorial is based on Transforming the Banks which was published in The Indian Express on 27/06/2023. It talks about multilateral development...

    28 Jun 2023 Liberalization

  • FDI and FPI


    02 Jun 2023 Liberalization

  • Foreign Direct Investment Inflows

    For Prelims: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), World Investment Report,...

    26 May 2023 Liberalization

  • Indian Aviation Industry

    This editorial is based on The troubles of India’s aviation industry which was published in The Hindu on 11/05/2023. It talks about what does...

    11 May 2023 Liberalization

  • Sugarcane Production in India

    For Prelims: FRP, SAP, CACP, Rangarajan Committee, WTO, Sugarcane Industry, EBP Program. For Mains: Sugarcane Production in India, its Potential...

    11 May 2023 Liberalization

  • IMF and World Bank Group's Spring Meetings 2023

    For Prelims: International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group (WBG), Group of Twenty (G20) , Debt Restructuring, Vulnerable Twenty Group of...

    25 Apr 2023 Liberalization

  • Debt of Emerging Markets & Developing Economies Rose

    For Prelims: Sovereign Debt, External commercial borrowings. For Mains: factors contributing to debt crisis, impact of sovereign debt on...

    12 Apr 2023 Liberalization

  • World Bank Forecasts India's Economic Growth Rate

    Why in News? The World Bank has released a report titled "South Asia Economic Focus: Expanding Opportunities: Toward Inclusive Growth," which...

    06 Apr 2023 Liberalization

  • Foreign Trade Policy 2023


    05 Apr 2023 Liberalization

  • National Electricity Plan for 2022-27

    For Prelims: Central Electricity Authority, Electricity Act, 2003, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Lithium-ion batteries. For Mains: National...

    05 Apr 2023 Liberalization

  • India Aims to Become Top Global Aviation Market by 2030

    For Prelims: CAPA India Aviation Summit, National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) 2016, UDAN Scheme. For Mains: Status of India’s Aviation...

    22 Mar 2023 Liberalization

  • World Bank

    Why in News? Recently, Indian American business executive Ajay Banga was nominated by US President to head the World Bank. If confirmed by the...

    24 Feb 2023 Liberalization

  • 470 Airbus, Boeing Planes for Air India

    For Prelims: National Civil Aviation Policy 2016, UDAN, UDAN 2.0, Airport Authority of India. For Mains: Status of India's Aviation Sector, Recent...

    16 Feb 2023 Liberalization

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