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  • Collection of Farm Fire Data in India

    For Prelims: Consortium for Research on Agroecosystem Monitoring and Modeling from Space, Suomi NPP satellite, Moderate Resolution Imaging...

    28 Nov 2023 Land Resources

  • Bio-Decomposer to Address Stubble Burning

    For Prelims: Bio-Decomposer to Address Stubble Burning, Stubble Burning, Air Pollution, Southwest Monsoon, Indian Council of Agricultural Research...

    17 Oct 2023 Land Resources

  • Land Use in India


    03 Oct 2023 Land Resources

  • Study on Joshimath Sinking

    For Prelims: Himalayas, Earthquakes, Landslides, Joshimath, Land Subsidence, ISRO For Mains: Impact of Natural and Anthropogenic Factors on...

    27 Sep 2023 Land Resources

  • Marine Sand Extraction

    For Prelims: Sustainable Sand Mining Management Guidelines 2016, Marine Sand Watch For Mains: Environmental and socio-economic impacts of marine...

    07 Sep 2023 Land Resources

  • Dotted Lands

    For Prelims: Dotted lands, SVAMITVA, PARIVESH, Bhumi Samvaad For Mains: Issues related to land ownership disputes and the concept of dotted lands,...

    23 May 2023 Land Resources

  • Bhoodan-Gramdan Movement

    For Prelims: Vinoba Bhave, Mahatma Gandhi, Freedom Struggle, Philosophy of non-violence, Self-governance. For Mains: Bhoodan-Gramdan Movement and...

    22 Apr 2023 Land Resources

  • Towards Effective Soil Management

    This editorial is based on “Poor soil management will erode food security” which was published in The Hindu on 05/12/2022. It talks...

    07 Dec 2022 Land Resources

  • Global Status of Black Soils: FAO

    For Prelims: FAO, World Soil Day, SOC, Initiatives to improve Soil Health. For mains: Global Status of Black Soils, Significance of Balck...

    07 Dec 2022 Land Resources

  • Stubble Burning

    For Prelims: Stubble Burning, Turbo Happy Seeder (THS) machine, CAQM, Air Pollution. For Mains: Impacts on Stubble Burning. Why in...

    06 Dec 2022 Land Resources

  • Stubble Burning

    For Prelims: Bio-Decomposer, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Stubble Burning, Turbo Happy Seeder (THS) machine. For Mains: Impacts...

    21 Sep 2022 Land Resources

  • World Soil Day

    Why in News Recently, ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) – Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (CCARI) celebrated...

    08 Dec 2021 Land Resources

  • Conclusive Land Titling

    Why in News Recently, as many States have failed to send in their feedback on a Model Bill on Conclusive Land Titling , the Centre has warned that...

    22 Feb 2021 Land Resources

  • Land Reforms in India

    Pre Independence Under the British Raj, the farmers did not have the ownership of the lands they cultivated, the landlordship of the land lied...

    14 Dec 2020 Land Resources

  • Land Revenue Systems in British India

    Land revenue was one of the major sources of income for Britishers in India. There were broadly three types of land revenue policies in existence...

    07 Dec 2020 Land Resources

  • Importance of Ladakh

    Why in News? Recently, twenty Indian Army personnel, including the Commanding Officer lost their lives at the hands of Chinese troops in the Galwan...

    03 Jul 2020 Land Resources

  • Cauvery Delta Declared as a Protected Special Agriculture Zone

    Why in News The Tamil Nadu government has declared the Cauvery delta region as a Protected Special Agriculture Zone. The protected zone includes...

    12 Feb 2020 Land Resources

  • Mandatory Re-grassing After Mining: SC

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court of India ordered the government to include re-grassing of mined areas as a mandatory condition in every...

    09 Jan 2020 Land Resources

  • World Soil Day

    Why in News World Soil Day (WSD) is held annually on 5 December to highlight the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable...

    05 Dec 2019 Land Resources

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