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  • PRASHAD Projects

    For Prelims: PRASHAD Scheme, Swadesh Darshan scheme, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public-Private Partnership (PPP) For Mains:...

    08 Jan 2022 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Conservation of Konark Sun Temple: Odisha

    For Prelims: Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Konark Sun Temple, King Narasimhadeva I, Kalinga Architecture, UNESCO world heritage...

    30 Dec 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Logos of Darjeeling Toy Train as Intellectual Property

    Why in News Recently, India has finally registered the logos (two) of the iconic ‘Toy Train’ internationally as its intellectual...

    08 Nov 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Qutub Minar

    Why in News Recently, steep stairways and wooden ramps among other changes have been brought at the World Heritage Site of Qutub Minar that will...

    22 Sep 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

    Why in News Recently, concerns were raised against the Centre’s proposed monetisation of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR). Key...

    31 Aug 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • PRASHAD Scheme

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister has inaugurated various projects in Somnath, Gujarat under PRASHAD (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual,...

    20 Aug 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • India’s 40th World Heritage Site: Dholavira

    Why in News Recently, UNESCO has announced the Harappan city of Dholavira in Gujarat as India’s 40th world heritage site. It is the first site...

    28 Jul 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Six Sites in Tentative List of World Heritage Sites

    Why in News Recently, six Indian places have been added to the tentative list of UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural...

    22 May 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • World Heritage Day

    Why in News Every year, 18th April is celebrated as ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites’, also known as ‘World Heritage...

    19 Apr 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Rock Art (Part-2)

    Rock Art (Part-I) Rock-Cut Architecture About: The rock-cut architecture is a type of Rock Art in which a structure is created by carving it...

    09 Mar 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Rock Art (Part-1)

    About Rock Arts are ancient, human-made markings/paintings/sculptures made on natural stone. Rock art consists of paintings, drawings,...

    01 Mar 2021 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Hampi Stone Chariot

    Why in News The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has taken steps to protect the stone chariot inside Vittala Temple complex at the UNESCO World...

    07 Dec 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Promotion of Buddhist Sites

    Why in News The Ministry of Tourism has undertaken development of tourism related infrastructure and facilities at various Buddhist Sites in the...

    15 Sep 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • New Circles of Archaeological Survey of India

    Why in News The Ministry of Culture has announced 7 new circles of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Key Points The step has been taken...

    27 Aug 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Solarisation of Konark Sun Temple

    Why in News The Government of India has launched a scheme for 100% solarisation of Konark sun temple and Konark town in Odisha. The scheme will...

    21 May 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Webinar on Uttarakhand’s Tourism Potential

    Why in News Recently, the 20th session of the Dekho Apna Desh Webinar series was organised by the Ministry of Tourism titled “Uttarakhand...

    19 May 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Central Vista Redevelopment Project

    Why in News Recently, many former bureaucrats have opposed the Central Vista redevelopment project. Key Points The Union Ministry of Housing and...

    23 Apr 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • World Heritage Sites in India

    A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO for its special cultural or physical significance. The list of World Heritage Sites is...

    14 Apr 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Year End Review 2019: Ministry of Culture

    Important Events Commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi The President of India, presided over the second meeting of the...

    04 Apr 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

  • Mamallapuram

    Location: Mamallapuram, also called Mahabalipuram or Seven Pagodas, is a town that lies along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, south of...

    26 Mar 2020 Indian Heritage Sites

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