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  • Law of Anti-Defection Law

    This editorial is based on “The anti-defection law - political facts, legal fiction” which was published in The Hindu on 30/06/2022. It...

    30 Jun 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Impact of Internet Shutdowns

    For Prelims: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), #KEEPITON coalition, World Bank For Mains: Internet...

    30 Jun 2022 Indian Constitution

  • New Norms for Sentence Remission

    For Prelims: Pardoning Power of the President, Article 72, President, Supreme Court, Article 161, Governor For Mains: Remission and Related...

    15 Jun 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Reservation in Promotion

    For Prelims: SC, ST, reservation in promotions, Indra Sawhney Judgment, Article 16 (4), Article 16 (4A), Article 16(4B) For Mains: Reservation in...

    30 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • OBC Quota in Local Body Polls

    For Prelims: OBC Reservation, Urban Local Bodies For Mains: Significance of OBC Reservation in Local Body Elections Why in News? Recently, the...

    20 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Democracy and Sedition

    This editorial is based on “In abeyance of Section 124A, a provisional relief” which was published in The Hindu on 17/05/2022. It talks...

    17 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • The Places of Worship Act

    For Prelims: The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 For Mains: Indian Constitution, The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act,...

    17 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Collegium System for the Appointment of Judges

    For Prelims: Collegium System, Chief Justice of India. For Mains: Evolution of the Collegium System and its Criticism. Why in News? The...

    12 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • J&K Delimitation

    For Prelims: Delimitation Commission and Related Constitutional Provisions, Lok Sabha, Legislative Assembly, Supreme Court, Article 370 For Mains:...

    06 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Sedition Law

    For Prelims: Sedition Law, Section 124A, Indian Penal Code For Mains: Significance of sedition Law and the Related Issues Why in News? The...

    04 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • World Press Freedom Index 2022

    For Prelims: World Press Freedom Day, 2022 Press Freedom Index For Mains: Freedom of Press in India and related issues Why in News? On the...

    04 May 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Tamil Nadu Bill on Vice Chancellor in Universities

    For Prelims: Tamil Nadu Bill on Vice Chancellor in Universities, Role of Governor in appointment of Governor in State Universitates For Mains:...

    27 Apr 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Anti-Defection Law

    For Prelims: Anti Defection Law, Tenth Schedule, Parliament, Constitutional Amendments For Mains: Indian Constitution, Constitutional Amendments,...

    25 Apr 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Perspective- Rajya Sabha: The Upper House

    Why in News? The Upper House of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha or Council of States was constituted on 3rd April 1952 and the first session was...

    12 Apr 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Child Adoption in India

    For Prelims: Adoption (First Amendment) Regulations, 2021, CARA. For Mains: Child Adoption in India and related issues, Issues Related to...

    12 Apr 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Vanniyar quota

    For Prelims: Vanniyakula Kshatriya community in Tamil Nadu, Ninth Schedule of the Constitution. For Mains: Issues in Government Policies and...

    04 Apr 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Article 355 & Breakdown of Constitutional Machinery

    For Prelims: Breakdown of constitutional machinery, National Emergency, Constitutional Emergency, Financial Emergency. For Mains: Indian...

    25 Mar 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Sealed Cover Jurisprudence

    For Prelims: Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India (CJI), Sealed Cover Jurisprudence. For Mains: Judiciary, Indian Constitution, Fundamental...

    17 Mar 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Supplementary Demand for Grants

    For Prelims: Appropriation act, Article 115 and 116, Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, Different type of Grants. For Mains: Supplementary...

    17 Mar 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Fundamental Rights of Foreigners

    Why in News? The Union government has urged the Supreme Court to help lay down a law with a “long–lasting” implication for the...

    16 Mar 2022 Indian Constitution

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