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  • Forest Certification

    Prelims: Forest Certification, Deforestation, Climate Change, Forest Stewardship Council. Mains: Forest Certification and standards. Why in...

    06 Mar 2023 Forest Resources

  • Myanmar Teak Trade: Dodgy and Conflict Wood

    For Prelims: Myanmar Teak, Junta, CITES, IUCN Red List, African teak, India and Myanmar, International Consortium of Investigative...

    04 Mar 2023 Forest Resources

  • The Case for Open, Verifiable Forest Cover Data

    For Prelims: Tree Cover, Forest Cover, India State of Forest Report-2021, Forest Survey of India, Forest (Conservation) rules,2022 For Mains:...

    02 Mar 2023 Forest Resources

  • Forest and Tree Cover in India

    For Prelims: Tree Cover, Forest Cover, National Mission for a Green India (GIM), National Action Plan on Climate Change, India State of Forest...

    28 Jan 2023 Forest Resources

  • Conserving Forests for a Sustainable Future

    This editorial is based on “Forests present a unique opportunity for business” which was published in Hindu Business Line on...

    09 Jan 2023 Forest Resources

  • Forest (Conservation) Rules 2022

    For Prelims: Forests and Jurisdictions, 42nd Amendment Act, 1976, Fundamental Duty, Forest Conservation Act, 1980, Directive Principles of State...

    03 Jan 2023 Forest Resources

  • SAIME Initiative

    Why in News? In Sundarbans, a new shrimp farming initiative offers hope for mangrove restoration. What is the SAIME Initiative? Under...

    02 Jan 2023 Forest Resources

  • Three Himalayan Medicinal Plants Enter IUCN Red List

    Why in News? Three medicinal plant species (Meizotropis pellita, Fritillaria cirrhosa, Dactylorhiza hatagirea) found in the Himalayas have been...

    10 Dec 2022 Forest Resources

  • Mangrove Alliance for Climate

    For Prelims: Mangrove Alliance for Climate, Mangrove, global warming, Sundarbans For Mains: Significance of Mangroves ecosystem Why in...

    12 Nov 2022 Forest Resources

  • Not on Track to Achieve Forest Goals

    For Prelims: Paris Agreement, Forest, Kyoto protocol, Green House Gas, Conference of Parties, United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26),...

    12 Nov 2022 Forest Resources

  • 2022 Forest Declaration Assessment

    For Prelims: COP-26, Deforestation, Indian Forest Policy, 1952, Forest Conservation Act, 1980. For Mains: Findings of 2022 Forest Declaration...

    29 Oct 2022 Forest Resources

  • Sandalwood Spike Disease

    For Prelims: Sandalwood Spike Disease, Indian Sandalwood, Phytoplasma, Santalum album.For Mains: Sandalwood Spike Disease and Related Concerns. Why...

    25 Oct 2022 Forest Resources

  • Time to View Forest as a Heritage

    This editorial is based on “We need a forest-led COP27” which was published in The Hindu on 13/10/2022. It talks about the state of...

    17 Oct 2022 Forest Resources

  • Living Planet Report 2022

    For Prelims: Living Planet Report 2022, WWF, Living Planet Index (LPI), Mangroves, Sunderbans, Migration, Climate Change, Biodiversity. For Mains:...

    14 Oct 2022 Forest Resources

  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Forestry Report: FAO

    For Prelims: Food and Agriculture Organization, India State of Forest Report, 2021, National Afforestation Programme, Wildlife Protection Act of...

    11 Oct 2022 Forest Resources

  • Mangroves in India


    27 Sep 2022 Forest Resources

  • Forests and Jurisdictions

    For Prelims: Forests and Jurisdictions, T.N. Godavarman Thirumulkpad vs the Union of India judgment, 42nd Amendment Act, 1976, Fundamental Duty,...

    29 Aug 2022 Forest Resources

  • Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022

    For Prelims: Afforestation, India State of Forest Report, 2019, Forest Conservation Act, 1980, Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, Scheduled Tribes...

    01 Jul 2022 Forest Resources

  • Seoul Forest Declaration

    For Prelims: Seoul Forest Declaration, World Forestry Congress, SOFO 2022, FAO For Mains: State of Forest Resources in India and related...

    20 May 2022 Forest Resources

  • State of the World’s Forests 2022

    For Prelims: State of the World’s Forests 2022, FAO For Mains: State of Forest Resources in India and related concerns Why in...

    05 May 2022 Forest Resources

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