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  • Fulfilling Dual Responsibilities

    Meera Devi has been appointed as a District Magistrate at Akbarpur. She has married into an extremely rich and influential family and the head of the...

    29 Nov 2022 Ethics

  • Power & Punishment

    Recently, an IAS couple has been in the news for walking their pet dog in a sports stadium. As soon as the news went viral, it was found that the...

    22 Nov 2022 Ethics

  • Freedom of Speech of People holding Public Offices

    For Mains: Code of Conduct for Civil Servants Why in News? Recently, the Supreme Court stated that people holding public office should exercise...

    19 Nov 2022 Ethics

  • Adoption of Self-Driving Cars

    For Mains: The Moral Dilemmas Faced by Self-Driving Cars Why in News? In a series of lawsuits and a criminal case arising out of fatal Tesla...

    03 Nov 2022 Ethics

  • Choice of Words: An Important Aspect

    In a state, recently Empowered Daughters, Prosperous Nation event was organized. Professionals, Government Official and experts from different fields...

    28 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • People Rights Vs Animal Welfare

    For Prelims: DPSP, Fundamental Duties, Article 48 A For Mains: Balancing People Rights Vs Animal Welfare Why in News? In view of rising cases...

    26 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Information Sharing and Transparency in Government

    What is Information? Information is data that has been organized or classified and has some significant value for the recipient. Information is...

    17 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Probity in Governance

    For Mains: Principles of Public Services, Utility of Probity in Governance, Philosophical underpinnings of Probity and Governance What is...

    11 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Connectivity & Challenges

    You have just been transferred to your new role as Sub-Divisional Magistrate in Tusem, Manipur. In the district, two villages Tusem and Tamenglong...

    10 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Abortion Rights Vs Ethics

    For Mains: Abortion Rights Vs Rights of Unborn Why in News? Recently, in a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of India allowed abortions up...

    07 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Responsibility & Reality

    You are posted as the District Magistrate in the Beed district of Maharashtra. Recently, in accordance with the nationwide ban on “Single-Use...

    03 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Gita: The Art of Selfless Living and Dying

    For Mains: Ethics and Human Interface Why in News? Gandhi’s unwavering faith in high principles both in life and death were shaped by his...

    03 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Corruption & Dilemma

    With the completion of training at Academy of Administration, you have been allocated with the first service in The Department of Mining in...

    01 Oct 2022 Ethics

  • Just War Theory

    For Mains: Just War Theory and Related issues What is Just War Theory? Origin: The principles of a Just War originated with classical...

    28 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Social Media & Civil Servants

    Social Media platforms, the new podium of modern-day Civil Servants to paint a picture of themselves which fits appropriately to the society's image...

    28 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Ethical Issues due to Weather Modifications

    For Mains: Weather Modifications and related issues Why in News? China has conducted over half a million weather-modification operations...

    23 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

    For Prelims: Application of AI, Machine Learning, Related Government Schemes, International Agreements For Mains: Rules and Regulations for AI,...

    22 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Building Mistrust into Trust

    You have just completed your District Training as an “Indian Administrative Service” Officer, with all the experience you’ve earned...

    21 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Social Audit of Social Sector Schemes

    For Mains: Social Audit of Social Sector Schemes and its benefits Why in News? Recently, the Rajasthan government has decided to set up a...

    21 Sep 2022 Ethics

  • Perspective – Moonlighting Culture

    For Prelims: Moonlighting, Covid-19, Lockdown For Mains: Moonlighting Culture and its effects, Ethics and Human Interface Why in...

    21 Sep 2022 Ethics

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