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  • Western Ghats


    16 May 2023 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Aztec Hummingbirds and Indian Sunbirds

    Why in News? Recently a study found that the loss of a key gene, FBP2 makes hummingbirds more efficient at breaking down sugar to use it for...

    28 Feb 2023 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

    Why in News? The Forest Department is coming up with a comprehensive strategy to deal with the spread of the invasive species like Senna spectabilis...

    02 Nov 2022 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Biodiversity Hotspots in India


    16 Sep 2022 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Godavari River

    Why in News? Recently, Officials issued the second warning with the flood level crossing 50 feet in Godavari River at Bhadrachalam, Telangana, and...

    19 Aug 2022 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Disk-footed Bat

    Why in News India’s first bamboo-dwelling bat with sticky disks, has been found near Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary in Meghalaya. Key...

    19 Apr 2021 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Biological Diversity Act, 2002

    Background The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 was born out of India’s attempt to realise the objectives enshrined in the United Nations...

    28 Dec 2020 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Assam Gas Leak

    Why in News Recently, a gas leak has occurred at Baghjan well in Tinsukia district of Assam following a blowout. The Baghjan well is a purely...

    09 Jun 2020 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Rhinos to be Re-introduced in Uttarakhand

    Why in News Recently, the Uttarakhand State Wildlife Board has cleared a proposal by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) to introduce rhinoceroses...

    20 Dec 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Butterfly Survey

    Why in News The Kerala government has carried out a butterfly survey in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS) and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS)...

    13 Nov 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Environmental Conservation with Grassroot Governance

    The article is based on A Bottom-Up Approach to Conservation that was published in The Hindu on 26 August. It talks about the interweaving relation...

    02 Sep 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Color Morphs of Wild Cat

    Indian scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an international conservation charity, and University College London (UCL) have...

    14 Jun 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Micryletta aishani

    Scientists from Delhi University and the Wildlife Institute of India, in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia and the US, have discovered a...

    12 Jun 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Wild Life Protection Act: Implementation and Failure

    Recently, Chennai has emerged as a hotbed of global illegal animal trade. This, along with several incidences of poaching and trafficking of...

    17 May 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • White-Throated Rail

    The white-throated rail (Dryolimnas cuvieri) or Cuvier's rail is a species of bird in the family Rallidae. It is found in Comoros, Madagascar,...

    11 May 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • ‘Maveli’ Frog

    Researchers have found that the Purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis), lives almost its entire life in underground tunnels, comes out to the...

    07 May 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Olive Ridley Turtles

    Recently, Olive ridley turtle eggs that were laid in March began hatching and thousands of baby olive ridley turtles have entered the bay of...

    24 Apr 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Madagascar’s Indigenous Species

    Around 20 indigenous animal species of Madagascar are under threat. Among the species under threat, the majority belongs to the primate group. The...

    23 Apr 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Living Planet Report 2018: Aiming Higher by WWF

    Chapter 1- Why Biodiversity matters? The importance of nature in our lives Humans have evolved, grown and thrived, in nature. Modern human...

    20 Mar 2019 Biodiversity Hotspots

  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands’ Rich Faunal Diversity

    A recent publication by the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) titled Faunal Diversity of Biogeographic Zones: Islands of India, has for the first time...

    26 Nov 2018 Biodiversity Hotspots

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