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  • India’s Evolving Carbon Market

    For Prelims: Carbon Credit Market, NDCs, GHG, Kyoto Protocol, Net Zero, PLI Scheme, Energy Conservation. For Mains: India’s Evolving Carbon...

    02 Nov 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Bills & Acts - India’s Polar Endeavours

    For Prelims: Arctic Council, Climate Change, Arctic Region, India's Arctic Policy. For Mains: India’s Arctic Policy. Significance of...

    01 Nov 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • 2022 Forest Declaration Assessment

    For Prelims: COP-26, Deforestation, Indian Forest Policy, 1952, Forest Conservation Act, 1980. For Mains: Findings of 2022 Forest Declaration...

    29 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Emissions Gap Report 2022: UNEP

    For Prelims: Emission Gap Report 2022, Paris Agreement, Pandemic, GHG, COP-26, Initiatives to Reduce Emissions. For Mains: Emissions Gap Report,...

    28 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Impact of Heatwaves on Children: UNICEF

    For Prelims: UNICEF, COP-27, Heatwaves, Climate Change, UNFCCC. For Mains: Impact of Heatwaves on Children. Why in News? Recently, UNICEF...

    28 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Blue Flag Certification

    For Prelims: UNEP, UNWTO, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), IUCN. For Mains: Blue Flag certification and its Significance. Why in...

    27 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Benefits of Biogas

    For Prelims: Biogas, Sustainable Development Goals, compressed biogas (CBG), liquefied biogas (LBG), hydrogen and methanol, Sustainable Alternative...

    26 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change

    For Prelims: WHO, WMO, Covid-19, Climate Change, Air Pollution, Heat Exposure, COP-27. For Mains: Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change,...

    26 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Green Crackers

    For Prelims: Green crackers, SWAS, STAR, SAFAL, PESO For Mains: Significance of Green Crackers Why in News? Recently, a lot of the pollution...

    26 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Great Indian Bustards (GIBs)

    For Prelims: Desert National Park, International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, Species Recovery Programme. For Mains: Measures for...

    25 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Sandalwood Spike Disease

    For Prelims: Sandalwood Spike Disease, Indian Sandalwood, Phytoplasma, Santalum album.For Mains: Sandalwood Spike Disease and Related Concerns. Why...

    25 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Pro-Planet-People

    This article is based on “A new lease of LIFE for climate action” which was published in The Hindu on 20/10/2022. It talks about the...

    22 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • E-Waste Day

    For Prelims: Basel Convention, Nairobi Declaration, E-Waste Management Rules, e-waste clinic For Mains: Challenges Related to the Management of...

    18 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Time to View Forest as a Heritage

    This editorial is based on “We need a forest-led COP27” which was published in The Hindu on 13/10/2022. It talks about the state of...

    17 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Galápagos Islands

    For Prelims: World Heritage Site, Charles Darwin, Cold Ocean currents, Ocean Currents For Mains: Factors that Influences Ocean Current Why in...

    15 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Living Planet Report 2022

    For Prelims: Living Planet Report 2022, WWF, Living Planet Index (LPI), Mangroves, Sunderbans, Migration, Climate Change, Biodiversity. For Mains:...

    14 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Forestry Report: FAO

    For Prelims: Food and Agriculture Organization, India State of Forest Report, 2021, National Afforestation Programme, Wildlife Protection Act of...

    11 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Climate Tipping Points

    For Prelims: Climate Tipping Points, Greenland Ice, Coral Reef, Amazon Forest For Mains: Government Policies & Interventions, Environmental...

    10 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • A Climate Risk Index for Marine Life

    For Prelims: Climate Change, Marine Ecosystem, Global Warming, Paris Agreement For Mains: Climate Risk Index for Marine Life Why in...

    07 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

  • Green Steel

    For Prelims: Green Steel, Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga Project, National Hydrogen Energy Mission (NHM), Blue Hydrogen, Green Hydrogen, India’s...

    07 Oct 2022 Biodiversity & Environment

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