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  • Purple Revolution

    Why in News? Recently, the Union State Minister for Science and Technology stated that the Purple Revolution offers attractive StartUp...

    15 Oct 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Essential Commodities Act of 1955

    For Prelims: Essential Commodity, Essential Commodities Act For Mains: Issues Related to Essential Commodities Act 1955 Why in News? Recently,...

    13 Aug 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • FRP for Sugarcane and Sugar Industry in India

    For Prelims: Sugarcane crop, Fair and Remunerative Price, Ethanol Blending For Mains: Sugarcane Sector in India, Its Significance and Challenges,...

    04 Aug 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Minimum Support Price

    For Prelims: MSP and its Calculation, Kharif Season, Rabi Season For Mains: Significance of MSP and Associated Issues Why in News? Recently,...

    09 Jun 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Formation & Promotion of 10,000 FPOs

    For Prelims: Farmer Producer Organization, Cluster Based Business Organizations, Central Sector Scheme For Mains: Government Policies &...

    25 Apr 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Self-Reliance in Food

    This editorial is based on “Budgeting for a well-fed, self-reliant India” which was published in The Indian Express on 28/03/2022. It...

    28 Mar 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP)

    For Prelims: Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP), Sugarcane. For Mains: Agricultural Pricing, Sugar production in the Indian Economy, Challenges...

    26 Feb 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Lavender Cultivation

    For Prelims: Lavender Cultivation, Lavender, Aroma Mission. For Mains: Lavender Cultivation and its significance, Agricultural Pricing,...

    22 Feb 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • Crop Diversification

    For Prelims: Crop Diversification, Agroforestry For Mains: Crop Diversification and its benefits, Need to practice Crop Diversification. Why in...

    10 Feb 2022 Agricultural Pricing

  • State of India’s Livelihood (SOIL) Report 2021: FPOs

    For Prelims: Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), Benefits Emanating from FPOs, Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), National Bank...

    28 Dec 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Soya Meal as an Essential Commodity

    For Prelims: Essential Commodity, Essential Commodities Act For Mains: Issues Related to Essential Commodities Act 1955 Why in News Recently, the...

    27 Dec 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • SEBI Bans Derivative Trade in Agriculture Commodities

    For Prelims: Capital Market, Derivative Trading, Inflation, Options, Futures, Forwards, Swaps For Mains: Reasons for Derivative trading suspension...

    21 Dec 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Frothing in the Yamuna

    Why in News Recently, a layer of froth was seen floating over parts of the Yamuna river, which has now become a repeat occurrence in...

    10 Nov 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Rainfed Farming

    This editorial is based on the article Need to boost rainfed farming which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 02/11/2021. It talks about...

    05 Nov 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Learning Farming Practices from World

    Why in News According to the recently appeared paper titled: “Integrated farming with intercropping increases food production while reducing...

    01 Nov 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF)

    Why in News Recently, the government has said that prices of onion, tomato and potato are cheaper than last year (i.e 2020). Onion buffer has...

    18 Oct 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Digital Revolution in Indian Agriculture

    This editorial is based on the article Seeding a data revolution in Indian agriculture which was published in The Hindu on 08/10/2021. It discusses...

    09 Oct 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Aapada Mitra Programme

    Why in News Recently, the government has announced plans to have Disaster Management Volunteers (Aapda Mitras) in 350 districts of the country also...

    29 Sep 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • MSP is Not Enough

    This article is based on MSP is not the way to increase farmers’ income which was published in the Indian Express on 27/09/2021. It evaluates...

    27 Sep 2021 Agricultural Pricing

  • Rules for Ammonium Nitrate

    Why in News Recently, the Government has amended the rules for Ammonium Nitrate to curb its pilferage, introduce fire-fighting provisions as well as...

    22 Sep 2021 Agricultural Pricing

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