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  • Ethical and Procedural Lapses in Kerala Surgical Incident

    For Prelims: Principles of Medical Ethics, Indian Penal Code (IPC) For Mains: Ethical implications of medical negligence, Determinants and...

    21 May 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Contributions of Western Moral Thinkers and Philosophers

    For Prelim: Citizens, Education, Courts, Distribution of Resources, Executives, East India Company, Liberty, Sanitation. For Mains: Relevance of...

    20 May 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Criminalisation of Politics

    For Prelims: Criminalisation of Politics, Internal democratic structures,, Corruption, RP Act 1951, National Women's Commission, National Human...

    15 May 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Regulating Misleading Advertisements in India

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India, Central Consumer Protection Authority, Consumer Protection Act, 2019, Advertisement Standard Council of...

    15 May 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Good Governance


    14 May 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • World Anti-Doping Report 2022

    For Prelims: World Anti-Doping Agency, National Anti-Doping Agency, Anti-Doping, National Anti-Doping Act, UNESCO. For Mains: Ethical implications...

    09 Apr 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • France Considers Legalising Assisted Dying

    Source: DTE Why in News? France, after recently adding abortion as a constitutional right, is now considering legalising a form of assisted dying...

    15 Mar 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • First Human Neuralink Implant

    For Prelims: Brain-Computer Interface, Neuralink, Epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Locked-in syndrome, Potential...

    06 Feb 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Corporate Governance

    For Prelims: Good Governance, Corporate Governance, Companies Act, 2013, SEBI Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR), Whistleblower...

    02 Feb 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Ram Mandir: A Resolution to Ramrajya

    This editorial is based on “Ram is not fire, Ram is energy ” which was published in Indian Express on 23/01/2024. The article discusses...

    27 Jan 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace

    For Prelims: 12th General Assembly of Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace, Headquarters of ABCP, India International Centre for Buddhist Culture,...

    25 Jan 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Decoding Psychoanalysis

    For Prelims: Psychoanalysis For Mains: Ethical Aspects Involved in Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis and Criminal Rehabilitation Source: TH Why...

    06 Jan 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Caste Based Discrimination in Indian Prisons

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India, Public Interest Litigation, Chief Justice of India, Prisons Act of 1894, Manual Scavenging, Model Prisons Act,...

    06 Jan 2024 GS Paper - 4

  • Materialism

    Source: TH For Prelims: Materialism, Lokāyata, Chárváka, Bhautikvad, and Jadavāda, Material nature of existence, Atomism of...

    25 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • From Welfarism to Well-Being

    This editorial is based on “The welfare programme economists loved to hate” which was published in Hindustan Times on 14/11/2023. It...

    15 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • Rising Scientific Misconduct in India

    For Prelims: Scientific Misconduct, India Research Watchdog, Retractions in Indian research, Plagiarism, Misconduct involving experimental...

    14 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • Ethical Perspectives on Online Gaming

    For Prelims: GST on Online Gaming For Mains: Online Gaming Market in India, Issues Related to Online Gaming. Source: TH Why in News? The...

    08 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit 2023

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, Frontier AI, Ethical AI, Bletchley Park, Bletchley Park Declaration For Mains: Science and Technology-...

    08 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • President Terminates Services of an Indian Army Major

    For Prelims: President, Strategic Forces Command, Article 310, Army Act 1950, Military Intelligence (MI) Directorate, Directorate General of...

    02 Nov 2023 GS Paper - 4

  • Ethical Aspects of Data Manipulation in Research

    For Prelims: Behavioural Sciences, Harvard University, Plagiarism, Diederik Stapel, Piltdown Man, Open Science Framework (OSF). For Mains: Issues...

    27 Oct 2023 GS Paper - 4

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