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  • 29 Mar 2023
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Junk Policy will be Implemented in Uttar Pradesh

Why in News?

On March 28, 2023, Transport Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh, Chandra Bhushan Singh said that the State Transport Department has sent a proposal to the government to implement the scrap policy based on the standards of the Ministry of Steel, Government of India, under which the state has been sent from April 1, 2023. The junk policy will come into force.

Key points

  • It is known that after the central government, this junk policy is also being implemented in Uttar Pradesh.
  • In this policy, if someone sells his 15 years old vehicle at the junk center, then he will get a price of about Rs.22 per kg. Only 65 percent of the total weight of the vehicle will be considered as its original weight and only 90 percent of that amount will be paid.
  • In this policy, there is a preparation to send April 1, 2023, vehicles in scrap from 15-year-old. In this, all 15-year-old vehicles of the state government will have to be scrapped. For this, the government has set two goals.
  • In the first goal, all government-owned vehicles of this period are to scrap, including vehicles of all government departments, local bodies, undertakings, etc. In the second goal, private vehicles will have to be brought in for which the policy has been voluntarily fixed. That is, if they want, they can take advantage of this policy.
  • So far, work has started on 12 scrap centers in the entire state. All are private operators.
  • The age of private vehicles has not been fixed yet. After 15 years, such a vehicle must be fitness. If he is fit, his registration is renewed for the next five years. Similarly, private commercial vehicles, trucks, etc. are also renewed every two years in case they are fitted.
  • It is known that this rule has been abolished in the National Capital Region. The age of petrol-powered vehicle has been fixed at 15 years and diesel vehicle at 10 years. After this, their registration will not be renewed. Either they have to be taken out of NCR or sold in scrap.
  • As many as 203 government offices across the state have so far sent information about their 15-year-old vehicles. Of these, 3367 vehicles are 15 years old. Most such vehicles are in the police department. The Uttar Pradesh Police has a total of 397 such vehicles. Of these, 366 vehicles are 15 years old and are still running, while 31 vehicles are more than 20 years old.
  • Under this policy, if someone will get about sells his 15-year-old bike in scrap, then he 2500 rupees. If the weight of the bike is 180 kg, then its weight will be considered as 65 percent. Similarly, if someone considered starts giving his 15-year-old SUV car and its weight is 2000 kg, then its total weight will be as 1200 kg. He will be given Rs 25740.
  • However, a certificate will also be received from the scrap center, which will give an exemption on registering a new vehicle by showing it.

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New Rates Announced for MGNREGA Workers

Why in News?

On March 28, 2023, the Additional Commissioner of the MGNREGA office of Uttar Pradesh informed that the Government of India has announced new rates for MGNREGA laborers, under which MGNREGA laborers of Uttar Pradesh will also be given a wage of Rs 230 instead of Rs 213.

Key points

  • Under the new rates announced for MGNREGA workers, more than three crore MGNREGA workers of the state will get Rs 17 more per day from April 1.
  • Now if an MGNREGA worker works for 30 consecutive days in a month, then the total wages received by him will increase by Rs 510.
  • It is noteworthy that there are about 3.20 crore job card holders MGNREGA laborers in the state. Of these, about 1.62 crore laborers are actively working under MNREGA.
  • During the corona year 2020-21, the demand for employment in the villages had increased a lot when migrant laborers returned from outside, due to which 39.45 lakh man days had to be created for work this year. After this, 32.56 crore laborers worked in the year 2021-22 and about 31 crore man days in the current financial year 2022-23.
  • It is known that apart from the works set by the central government under MNREGA, five new works have been started in Uttar Pradesh by this scheme, including revival of rivers, construction of information boards by women groups, women of women groups being made mates in MNREGA. Payment of wages to MGNREGA workers and construction of hi-tech nurseries in the districts is being done by Banking Correspondent Sakhi.

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