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World Famous Sanchi will become Solar City

  • 10 Dec 2022
  • 2 min read

Why In News?

On December 9, 2022, according to the information given by the Madhya Pradesh Public Relations Department, Sanchi, a small town located in Raisen district, which is world-famous for stupas and Buddhist pilgrimage sites, will soon be known as the country's first solar city. Sanchi will generate 7.3 MW of electricity from solar energy.

Key Points

  • With the construction of solar city, along with becoming self-reliant in power supply, the power needs of Sanchi for the next five years will be met by solar energy. Solar street lights, garden lights, stud lights, high-mast lights, solar drinking water kiosks, battery-operated e-rickshaws for public transport, charging stations, renewable energy-based plant wind turbines and piezo electric generators will be installed.
  • In order to promote green energy in Sanchi and to motivate the common people to install solar rooftops, public awareness camps will be organized in Sanchi from December 12 to 18 through solar rooftop nodal agencies. In the camp, the benefits of installing solar and the process of installing solar rooftops will be explained.
  • Solar Rooftop : Benefits at a Glance
    • Install solar panels on the roof or open space of your house/group housing society and save on electricity expenses.
    • The solar panel will provide electricity for 25 years and the cost of installation will be equal in 4-5 years. After this, the benefit of electricity from solar will continue for the next 20 years.
    • This will reduce the carbon footprint and benefit the environment.
    • A solar panel of one kilowatt capacity will require about 100 square feet of space.
    • 40 percent subsidy on solar plants up to 3 KW and 20 percent subsidy after 3 KW up to 10 KW will be given by the central government.
  • Cost of setting up a solar plant: Group housing societies will get 20 percent subsidy on common facility connections up to 500 kW (10 kW per household).
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