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Very High Pressure Substation built for Umaria Dungaria Industrial Area Energized

  • 18 Jan 2022
  • 3 min read

Why in News

  • On January 17, 2022, Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar informed that Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company has energized a new 132 kV ultra high pressure sub-station at Chanderi village of Bargi area to promote industrial activities in Jabalpur region.

Key Points

  • With the commissioning of this sub-station, Umaria Dungaria industrial area of Jabalpur will get a lot of benefit. Along with this, there will be easy availability of electricity for the proposed industries of Phase-I, Phase-II and Phase-III in Umaria Dungaria.
  • Now along with Umaria Dungaria, domestic and agricultural consumers of Crusher, Bargi and Charaganwa region of Manegaon region will get quality electricity in proper voltage.
  • Earlier, electricity was supplied from two feeders of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company in Bargi and Charaganwa area including this industrial area. Now with the commissioning of Bargi sub-station, electricity will be available from 6 feeders.
  • The company's Umaria Dungaria area will now have a dual option of power supply from two ultra high pressure substations - one from 220 KV Jabalpur and the other directly from Bargi Power House.
  • The length of 33 KV lines will also be reduced due to a sub-station at Bargi (Chanderi). Earlier it was 40 kms, now it has come down to 12 kms. This will not only get rid of the problems of low voltage supply to the consumers, but will also facilitate the power improvement work due to dense forest and Narmada crossing.
  • Umaria Dungaria has industrial connections of 2 of 33 kV, 6 of 11 kV and 60 of low pressure consumers. Not only will they get direct benefit, apart from this, about 25 thousand 650 consumers of about 147 villages will also be benefitted.
  • The transmission capacity of Jabalpur district has increased due to energized 132 kV Bargi (Chanderi). There are now 4 220 KV and 9 132 KV sub-stations in Jabalpur district.
  • This is the 404th ultra high pressure station of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company in the state. Presently 14 sub-stations of 400 KV, 84 sub-stations of 220 KV and 306 sub-stations of 132 KV are functional in the state.
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