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Special Campaign for Inspection of Schools Started to Check the Rights and Schemes of Specially Abled Children

  • 24 Feb 2023
  • 3 min read

Why In News?

Recently, Rajasthan's Special Qualified State Commissioner Umashankar Sharma has started a special campaign to inspect schools to check the legal rights and adherence to schemes of specially abled students. Under his leadership, the campaign started from Udaipur district of the state.

Key points

  • State Commissioner Umashankar Sharma said that it started with the inspection of three schools in Udaipur city by a joint team of social justice and empowerment department and child empowerment department of the state.
  • The buildings and arrangements of all government and private schools are being inspected. During the inspection, it is being seen how favorable the buildings and arrangements of the schools are for specially abled children.
  • Under this, toilets, cafeteria, seating, entrance gate, lift, arrangements, drinking water, emergency evacuation and ramp arrangements 75 parameters including classroom complex of schools are being thoroughly examined. During the inspection, instructions are being issued to the school management to take full care of the specially qualified children.
  • Umashankar Sharma said that during the investigation, the admission of specially abled children in schools under the Right to Education Act-2009 is also being examined and schools are being banned from admitting specially abled children under this Act as per rules.
  • He said that orders have been given to inspect all the schools by the Chief District Education Officer in Udaipur. According to the order, all PEOs in the district must inspect their subordinate schools. Action will be taken against the school which is not found suitable for the specially qualified children.
  • The objective of this campaign is to make all the schools of the state suitable for specially qualified children so that they can also easily get education and become capable citizens.
  • The Special Eligible People Commissioner said that for the first time such a campaign has been started in the state, under which efforts are being made to make every school child friendly.

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