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The Responsibility of Assessing the Energy Needs of Uttarakhand is Now given to the American Organization

  • 27 Feb 2023
  • 2 min read

Why In News?

According to the information received from the media on February 26, 2023, the Uttarakhand government has entrusted the responsibility of estimating the energy needs by the year 2025 to the American organization Mackenzie.

Key points

  • The state government has decided that the energy needs of 2025 also need to be met to make the state better. Therefore, McKenzie has been given the responsibility of assessing the total need for electricity in every region.
  • The state government is trying to make the state the best state by 2025. Energy is also an important part of this because hydropower projects are not getting relatively electricity.
  • The US institution Mackenzie will report to the government on all aspects of the state, looking at the requirements of electricity. The organization will also suggest how energy needs can be met.
  • The government has also decided that all the departments will tell how much electricity will be consumed in the coming time and how much electricity they will save. A meeting has also been held with stakeholders to see what measures can be taken to save electricity.
  • The focus of the government is to create options like solar energy in the departments, so that they generate their own electricity and use it themselves.
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