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Manda Festival in Jharkhand

  • 15 Apr 2024
  • 3 min read

Why in News?

On the last day of the week-long 'Manda' festival in Jharkhand, a large number of devotees gathered on the streets to take part in the celebrations.

  • A special person known as a 'Bhokta' stood at a height of 25 feet and showered flower petals on the crowd below.

Key Points

  • Tribals celebrated Manda Puja, an age-old annual ritual to appease gods for good rainfall and bumper crops.
    • It typically occurs during the spring season and marks the culmination of the agricultural cycle.
  • In Chutia region of Ranchi, the Manda Puja Samiti held the festival at the Shiv temple which was attended by Ranchi Municipal Corporation deputy mayor.
    • During the celebration, followers participate in walking on fire and suspending themselves upside down from a bamboo structure connected to their backs after observing a fast for seven to nine days.
    • A distinctive aspect of the Manda festival is the role of the 'Bhokta,' typically male devotees who observe strict fasts throughout the festival.
    • These Bhoktas hold a revered position within the community and play a central role in the festival's ceremonies.
  • After Chutia, the festival is observed across the state in 500 locations including in Rajaulatu, Sidroll, Tetri and Hundru Basti.

Tribes of Jharkhand

  • The Scheduled Tribe (ST) population of Jharkhand State is 7,087,068 as per the 2001 census, constituting 26.3% of the total population (26,945,829) of the State.
  • The Scheduled Tribes are primarily rural as 91.7% of them reside in villages.
  • District wise distribution of ST population shows that Gumla district has the highest proportion of STs (68.4%).
  • The STs constitute more than half of the total population in Lohardaga and Pashchimi Singhbhum districts whereas Ranchi and Pakaur districts have 41.8 – 44.6% tribal population.
  • Kodarma district (0.8%) preceded by Chatra (3.8%) has the lowest proportion of the STs Population.
  • Jharkhand has 32 tribal groups:
    • Munda
    • Santhal
    • Oraon
    • Kharia
    • Gond
    • Kol
    • Kanwar
    • Savar
    • Asur
    • Baiga
    • Banjara
    • Bathudi
    • Bedia
    • Binjhia
    • Birhor
    • Birjiali
    • Chero
    • Chick-Baraik
    • Gorait
    • Ho
    • Karmali
    • Kharwar
    • Khond
    • Kisan
    • Kora
    • Korwa
    • Lohra
    • Mahli
    • Mal-Paharia
    • Parhaiya
    • Sauria-Paharia
    • Bhumij
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