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After Tiger, Dudhwa will now be the largest center of Leopard Cat

  • 29 Dec 2022
  • 2 min read

Why In News?

  • On December 28, 2022, Sanjay Pathak, director of Dudhwa Park in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh, said that leopard cat found in dudhwa and southern Kheri forests of the state will be scientifically calculated for the first time and given special protection.

Key Points

  • It is noteworthy that after the workshop held in Dudhwa two months ago, work is now being done towards the conservation of leopard cat at the national level.
  • It is known that there is a special work about tigers in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Most attention is paid to their calculation, and conservation. But special attention is not paid to the number of leopard cats and their species found in Dudhwa.
  • According to experts, many Cat species including Big Cat, Fishing Cat and Leopard Cat are found in Dudhwa. Leopard Cats and Fishing Cats are larger in size than normal Cats. Leopard-like stripes or spots are also seen on them.
  • Director of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Sanjay Pathak said that there is a large number of Leopard Cats, Fishing Cats etc. in Dudhwa. Until now, they were recorded by looking at them, there was no scientific basis for their calculation.
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