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  • 04 Aug 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions

    Day 25: What does the following quotation mean to you? (150 Words)

    Education is the manifestation of perfection present already in man. Divinity is the manifestation of the religion already in man.   —Swami Vivekanand

    • Give a brief introduction about education and divinity.
    • Explain manifestation of education and religion.
    • Give a fair conclusion


    • Education helps people become more independent, mature, and capable of kindness and love in its purest form. That is what education should be concentrated on instead of trying to shape the child into some idealized personality. The end result of education is to produce a very good individual who is capable of handling all facets of life.
    • Divinity is the feeling of consciousness which separates us from the materialistic and physical world. This is the inherent characteristic of individuals. People who regularly meditate and practice feeling it can experience it.

    Education is the manifestation of perfection present already in man:

    • Education is the pursuit of fresh knowledge and a willingness to acquire new things at all times. Therefore, education is something we all possess.
    • It all depends on how hard we strive for it and how much we want to learn. Instead, merely being a student, we need become a disciple if we want to learn something.
    • We must always pay attention to what our inner soul is trying to tell us since your true self would never treat you unfairly. Unfortunately, today's education consists solely of a degree and grades.
    • The genuine performance of the generation has been ruined by Marks.
    • Thus, the education system, which primarily emphasizes grades and degrees, has to be changed.
    • Attending educational institutions mostly promotes literacy and lower levels of education. Learning is something that transcends space, time, and age.
    • If someone has the will to learn, then every situation offers the chance to learn and grow. The outlook of a person is of primary importance in respect of learning and acquiring knowledge.

    Divinity is the manifestation of the religion already in man:

    • Each soul has the potential to be divine. The goal is to reveal this Divinity inside by controlling both internal and external nature.
    • You can achieve freedom in this way through work, religion, mental control, philosophy, or any combination of these.
    • The essence of religion is this. Doctrines, dogmas, rituals, writings, temples, and other forms are only auxiliary components.
    • Call the sleeping spirit, educate yourself and others about his real nature, and then watch how things develop.
    • Strength, grandeur, generosity, purity, and everything that is good will come when this sleeping spirit awakens.
    • Believe in yourself, not your shortcomings. Show the world your inner majesty by trying to stand up.

    Education is a universal experience that cuts across age, geography, and time. Every circumstance provides the opportunity to learn and develop if one has the will to do so. Show respect to others, regardless of how intelligent or ignorant the individuals are. Have trust in others, regardless of whether they look to be saints or evil himself because every soul is divine. Everything will come together in perfect harmony once you become aware of the divinity you already possess.

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