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  • 10 Aug 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions

    Day 31: People with ordinary Intelligent Quotient (IQ) surpass those with higher Intelligent Quotient more frequently. The reason for this is emotional intelligence (EQ). Illustrate. (150 words)

    • Give a brief introduction about Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EI).
    • Explain the importance of Emotional Intelligence in association with Intelligence Quotients.
    • Give a fair conclusion.


    The Intelligence Quotient is a measure of a person's intelligence in numbers. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand, control, and quantify emotions. While some academics claim that emotional intelligence is an innate quality, others think it can be taught and developed.

    A standardized "intelligence" examination yields a score known as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The Emotional Quotient (EQ), measures your capacity to recognise, regulate, evaluate, and express your emotions.

    There is a connection between intelligence and being emotionally intelligent. Emotional Intelligence empowers the Intelligence quotient of an individual in several ways:

    • Individuals can learn how to interact with people and circumstances in more productive ways.
    • The ability to deal with obstacles matures, and the utilization of knowledge and logic-based approaches becomes more intense.
    • You learn techniques to empower yourself via education and skill development.
    • Children who are emotionally intelligent have the capability to become better leaders. They are more cooperative and may take the lead in any teamwork. As a result, they attempt to provide a positive example for others.
    • Individuals who are intelligent and have high emotional intelligence may finish their tasks while motivating others to do the same.
    • They are the team players. This is why employers seek emotionally competent personnel.
    • They are the leaders who are just beyond bookish Intelligence.

    You would understand how others felt if you had a high EQ and would treat them accordingly. A good leader must possess this trait. You should be able to guide people who look to you for advice as a leader. This entails broadening your reading and expanding your understanding of relevant subjects.

    A variety of factors influence one's level of success in life. Both EQ and IQ are significant factors in determining success, health, happiness, and even financial success. It is vital to understand the importance of diversifying your skill set. Combining learning and studying with emotional focus is a tried-and-true method for overall success.

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