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  • 15 Aug 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions

    Day 36: Morality is not doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness. (150 words)

    • Give a brief introduction about happiness and morality.
    • Explain about being worthy of happiness.
    • Give a fair conclusion.


    Morality is a set of norms that allow individuals to live harmoniously in their communities. It is what civilizations deem "proper" and "acceptable”. Happiness is a state of mind, not a fundamental attribute. it is a momentary, changing situation, as opposed to a long-lasting, permanent feature or personality trait.

    People who behave morally deserve to be happy, especially when doing so costs them happiness. Happiness is associated with emotions of satisfaction or pleasure, implying that it should not be mistaken with joy, excitement, bliss, or other stronger emotions. Happiness may be either felt or shown, implying that it is not always an internal or external phenomenon, but can be both. As a value phrase, 'happiness' is basically identical with well-being or thriving. Happiness brings life fulfillment, pleasure, or a favorable emotional state. When someone does the right thing, it faces difficulties and pain but eventually benefits them.

    What an individual should do and what an individual wants to accomplish are incompatible concepts. When a person does what they want, they wind up on a path that will provide them instant enjoyment but will not help them in the long term. Morality's objective is not to make us happy, but to do the right thing for the sake of doing it. Doing the correct thing will lead us to our desired destination. If we do not have perfect control over the repercussions of our acts, we should not blame or reward. When making a decision, if a person cannot generalize their behavior without conflict, the decision should be avoided. Emotions are not stable, so it is not a reliable source for moral judgements since they are always changing. People will argue over whether respect is an emotion, but it is not the same as fear or want. Morality in the question alludes to the notion of happiness as something to be worthy of, in order to be worthy of happiness, a person would need to work hard and persistently towards giving shape to and excelling in one's interest.

    Happiness is nearly synonymous with well-being or success as a value expression. Life satisfaction, pleasure, or a positive emotional state are all brought about by happiness. Morally upright people should be happy, even if it costs them their happiness. We shall arrive where we want to go by acting morally. We shouldn't point the finger or give praise if we can't fully control how our actions will have an impact.

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