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  • 05 Aug 2022 GS Paper 4 Theoretical Questions

    Day 26: A collaborative work culture boosts productivity as it encourages individuals to work together to get things done. Illustrate. (150 words)

    • Give a brief Introduction about the work culture and its importance.
    • Elaborate the different aspects of work culture such as competition, collaboration, transparency etc.
    • Write a fair conclusion.


    Work culture is regarded as a set of practices, values and shared beliefs within an organisation and its employees that arise from what is generally regarded as appropriate ways to think and act.

    It is the work culture that decides the way employees interact with each other and how an organisation functions. The work culture is a product of its history, traditions, values and vision.

    Work culture is crucial to the success and survival of any firm since it directs employees through stakeholder engagement for generating satisfaction and successful interpersonal relationships. Collaboration, empathy, and transparency are all important components in increasing employee morale. Because they have a well-rounded work ethic and devotion to the organization's goals, employees who are happier and more involved in their workplaces have a beneficial influence on their jobs and the work culture through their daily tasks.

    Perks and incentives play a big role in boosting engagement, but they're not the only ones. Every employee should feel encouraged by the workplace culture to flourish in all of their endeavors.

    Characteristics of a good work culture

    • Desirable work culture includes shared institutional values, priorities, rewards and other practices which foster inclusion, high performance, and commitment, while still allowing diversity in thought and action.
      • A perfect example of a good workplace culture is ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).
      • It was founded in the 1960s and has since then contributed immensely in the development of the nation.
      • Despite India being a third world country, ISRO has against all odds launched various space programs, the most recent being Chandayan 2.
      • It cannot be denied that one of the most important factors of ISRO’s success is healthy work culture.
    • Importance of work culture in the success of an organisation
      • Transparency, innovation and discipline: Healthy work culture promotes transparency, innovation and discipline in an organisation.
      • Reduced Conflicts: Good work culture promotes effective communication and helps in reducing conflicts among individuals/team during work.
      • Increases Productivity and Quality: Transparency, responsibility, unbiased are underpinnings of good work culture. These will enable individuals and teams to become self-organized which in turn improves quality and productivity.
      • Sustainable Work: Good work culture includes peer respect, recognition of hard work, and freedom to bring new ideas (innovation). These will help in long term prospects of the organization.
      • Effective Communication: Healthy work culture provides a platform for effective communication among the verticals and horizontals of the organisation which helps in getting work done effectively.
    • A healthy work culture is maintained through attraction-selection-attrition, new employee onboarding, leadership, and organizational reward systems.

    It is a strong behavior that is vital to the success and culture of the organization. Everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of their position, to create a positive work atmosphere and inspire confidence in others. Leaders who take the time to promote the organization's culture and principles are influential. A happy team is one where managers develop a culture of individual and public acknowledgment to inspire, engage, and nurture their people. A key feedback chain is encouraged to keep improving and evolving by establishing employee advocacy and developing a distinctive blend of cultural values that is led by example from the top.

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