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World Map : April (II) 2021

Identify Places On Map
  • 1. Identify the island where a volcano erupted recently in the Caribbean region?

    Saint Vincent Island (La Soufriere Volcano). The Caribbean is the region roughly south of the United States, east of Mexico and north of Central and South America, consisting of the Caribbean Sea and its islands. La Soufriere Volcano is an active stratovolcano on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, located in the southern Caribbean, consists of more than 30 islands and cays, nine of which are inhabited.

  • 2. Locate the place where a new pterosaur fossil was discovered recently?

    Tiaojishan Formation of Liaoning, China. The new pterosaur fossil was discovered in the Tiaojishan Formation of Liaoning, China, and is thought to be 160 million years old. It has been named Kunpengopterus antipollicatus, also dubbed “Monkeydactyl”. Geographically, the Tiaojishan Formation is widely distributed in western Liaoning Province and the neighboring northern Hebei Province (China).This formation is lithologically composed of intermediate lava and pyroclastic rocks, interlayered with basic volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits. It contains abundant and well-preserved fossil plants, including leaves, seeds and fruits, permineralized rhizomes and wood.

  • 3. Identify the lake where one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes was launched recently?

    Lake Baikal (Siberia, Russia). Russian scientists have launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes called the Baikal-GVD (Gigaton Volume Detector) in the waters of Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake situated in Siberia. The construction of this telescope, which started in 2016, is motivated by the mission to study in detail the elusive fundamental particles called neutrinos and to possibly determine their sources. It is one of the three largest neutrino detectors in the world along with the IceCube at the South Pole and ANTARES in the Mediterranean Sea. GVD is designed to detect high-energy neutrinos that may have come from the Earth’s core, or could have been produced during nuclear reactions in the Sun.

  • 4. Identify the European Union member state which shares the land boundary with the United Kingdom?

    Ireland. The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom borders one European Union member state i.e. Ireland. The UK was a member state of the European Union after joining it in 1973, until it became the first country to voluntarily end its membership on 31st January 2020 after a referendum was held in 2016. Relations between the EU and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) date back to the foundation of the European Communities (EU predecessor) in 1957.

  • 5. Locate the country where the mass killings by Ottoman Turks in 1915-16 took place and it is officially recognised as an act of genocide by the US President recently?

    Armenia. Recently, the US President officially recognised the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915-16 as an act of genocide. The Armenian diaspora marks 24th April as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. The Armenian Genocide is called the first genocide of the 20th century. It refers to the systematic annihilation of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1917. According to estimates, approximately 1.5 million Armenians died during the genocide, either in massacres and in killings, or from ill treatment, abuse and starvation.

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