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India Map : February (I) 2021

Identify Places On Map
  • 1. Identify the place where Pong dam Wildlife Sanctuary is located?

    Maharana Pratap Sagar (Himachal Pradesh). In 1975, Pong dam was built across the Beas River. It is also called the Pong reservoir or the Maharana Pratap Sagar. In 1983, the entire reservoir was declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary by the Himachal Pradesh government. In 1994, the Government of India declared it a “Wetland of National Importance”. Pong Dam Lake was declared as Ramsar Site in November 2002.

  • 2. Identify the state where Tholpavakkoothu shadow puppet play is practiced?

    Kerala. Recently, a shadow leather puppet in Kerala’s famous temple art Tholpavakkoothu has been animated by a robot. It is a traditional temple art in Kerala having its roots in Palakkad and neighbouring regions. Among the ancient artforms of Kerala, tholpavakkoothu or shadow puppet play occupies a prominent place. It is a fine example of the integration of Aryan and Dravidian cultures. It is also known as Nizhalkkoothu and Olakkoothu. The theme of the play is based on the Kamba Ramayana (the Tamil version of the epic).

  • 3. Locate the place which witnessed a violent incident in 1922, that led to the withdrawal of the Non-Cooperation Movement by Mahatma Gandhi?

    Chauri Chaura (Uttar Pradesh). On the occasion of the centenary of the Chauri Chaura incident, a postage stamp was released by the Prime Minister. Chauri Chaura is a town in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. On 4th February, 1922, this town witnessed a violent incident - a large crowd of peasants set on fire a police station that killed 22 policemen. Due to this incident Mahatma Gandhi called off the Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-22).

  • 4. Identify the State where the Gaekwad dynasty once ruled?

    Gujarat. The Gaekwad dynasty once ruled the princely state of Baroda. The Gaekwad jurisdiction was spread across parts of Saurashtra, Mehsana in north Gujarat, and Bilimora in South Gujarat. The founder of the dynasty was Damaji I who had risen to power by 1740. The last Gaekwar, Sayaji Rao III, died in 1939.

  • 5. The 'Jerenga Pothar' town recently seen in the news is located in?

    Assam. Jerenga Pothar, an open field in Sivasagar town, is popularly connected to the valour of 17th century Ahom princess Joymoti. Formerly known as Rangpur, Sivasagar was the seat of the powerful Ahom dynasty, who ruled Assam for six centuries (1228-1826). Chaolumg Sukapha founded the Ahom kingdom.

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