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Unethical Exchange of Power

  • 27 Dec 2022
  • 2 min read

Badri Prasad is a young outgoing Additional District Magistrate in the Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh. He has a naturally carefree temperament. He lived in the present, enjoyed himself with little thought of the future. His wife Sarojini, working in a Multi-National Company (MNC), shared his temperament and lifestyle.

They were keen on owning a plush apartment and a glitzy car. Unmindful of the financial commitments, they purchased a lavish apartment and a luxury car on Easy Monthly Installments.

Suddenly Sarojini loses her job because of the industrial recession. They find it hard to handle the monthly installments on their only source of income, that is Badri Prasad’s salary.

While the couple was stuck in the dilemma of making the payments to the bank, Suresh, a childhood friend of Badri, who now owns a construction company, came to visit them.

After hearing the situation, Suresh helped them, by using his contacts in a MNC, to get Sarojini, an employment at a superior position than before, without any assessment or interview.

After a few weeks, the tender for the construction of District Sports Park was opened, in which, Suresh also filed the tender in his company name. When Badri got to know about the tender, he sanctioned it to Suresh’s company without any checks and verification, as a thankful gesture.

What is your opinion on the above-mentioned practice of Collusive Corruption?

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