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Trade Temptations

  • 18 Jul 2023
  • 2 min read

Priya Sharma is an officer serving in the Indian Trade Service (ITS). Her job includes participating in negotiating trade agreements, resolving trade disputes and fostering economic growth. One day, Priya is approached by a powerful industrialist Mr. Singh, who is seeking her assistance in obtaining favourable trade policies for his company.

He offers Priya a substantial sum of money as a bribe to influence trade negotiations in his favour, arguing that his company's success will contribute to economic growth and job creation. He also suggests to her that agreeing to his proposal would provide her with significant personal gain and potentially advance her career.

Priya agrees to the proposal made by Mr. Singh. She exploits her power by sharing confidential information with him regarding upcoming trade policies, tariffs and quotas and helps him to gain an unfair advantage in the market.

Priya not only undermined the fairness and transparency of trade policies but also compromised her integrity and violated ethical standards.

What are the ethical principles and values that Priya has neglected in this situation? Had it been possible for Priya to find a compromise that balances her personal interests and professional responsibilities?

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