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The Justice Conundrum

  • 24 Aug 2023
  • 2 min read

Rajendra Singh is an Indian Police Services (IPS) officer posted in a small town named Rajapur.

The town has been plagued by a ruthless gang of kidnappers and murderers who had evaded capture for years, exploiting legal loopholes and intimidating witnesses.

Public outrage grew as victims' families demanded justice. Officer Singh's reputation as a no-nonsense officer made him the town's hope for a resolution. Soon after officer Singh took matters into his hands, his team tracked down the gang to a remote hideout. In the ensuing confrontation, a shootout broke out and Ravi, the leader of the gang, was killed. Rest of his accomplices surrendered.

As news of the incident spread, human rights activists and media outlets began scrutinizing the case. It soon became apparent that Ravi was unarmed at the time of his death.

Officer Singh had eliminated a dangerous criminal, but the use of deadly force against an unarmed suspect raised grave questions about the legitimacy of the encounter.

Do you think that Officer Singh should be held accountable for his actions, even if they led to the end of a criminal reign and does the community's overwhelming support for Officer Singh's actions justify any ethical lapses that may have occurred?

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