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Fulfilling Dual Responsibilities

  • 29 Nov 2022
  • 1 min read

Meera Devi has been appointed as a District Magistrate at Akbarpur. She has married into an extremely rich and influential family and the head of the house i.e. Meera’s father-in -law - Mahavir Singh runs a construction company.

Recently Mahavir purchased a land in Akbarpur for construction purpose, however, the land has been occupied by nomadic labourers for many years. Upon beginning the construction work, the people heavily protested against it.

Mahavir approached Meera for her intervention and immediate removal of those people.

However, the land is the only available place of residence for the people near a factory where they all work as daily wage labourers.

Considering the economical interest of the construction company, the socio-economic interests of the people and maintaining a balance between personal life and professional duties, what approach should Meera take in this regard?

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