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Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

  • 15 Oct 2019
  • 2 min read

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to James Peebles for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology, and Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz for discovering an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star.

  • James Peebles: Theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology
    • Peebles developed a theoretical framework about the cosmos and its billions of galaxies and galaxy clusters since the mid-1960s.
    • The importance of the cosmic radiation during birth of the Big Bang was realized by him.
    • James Peebles also interpreted traces from the infancy of the universe and discovered new physical processes.
    • The results showed a universe whose just five percent of content is known, the matter which constitutes stars, planets, trees – and us. The rest, 95 per cent, is unknown dark matter and dark energy.
      • This is a mystery and a challenge to modern physics.

  • Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz : Discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star.
    • It was the first discovery of an exoplanet (a planet outside our solar system, orbiting a solar-type star in our home galaxy, the Milky Way).
    • The discovery of exoplanet 51 Pegasi b, started a “revolution in astronomy”.
      • 51 Pegasi b is a gaseous ball comparable with Jupiter.
    • Ever since 4,000 exoplanets have been found in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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