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Automotive Mission Plan (2016-26)

  • 27 Nov 2019
  • 3 min read

Why in News

The Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) 2016-26 is a collective vision by the Government of India and the India Automotive Industry to lay down the roadmap for the development of the industry.

  • It provides vision on where vehicles, auto components and tractor industry should reach over the next 10 years in terms of size, contribution to India’s GDP and global footprint in technology, competitiveness and capabilities.
  • AMP(2006-16) has been successful which made India not only an automobile producing hub but also a designing and development hub.

Vision 3/12/65

  • The Indian automotive industry aims to be among the top 3 of the world in engineering, manufacture and export of vehicles and auto components, growing in value to over 12% of India’s GDP, and generating an additional 65 million jobs.


  • Boost to manufacturing: AMP(2016-26) aims to propel the Indian automotive industry to be the engine of the “Make in India” programme; as it is amongst the foremost drivers of the manufacturing sector.
    • The Indian automotive sector is likely to contribute in excess of 12% of the country’s GDP and comprise more than 40% of the manufacturing sector.
    • It will boost Micro, Small and Medium industries of the country across multiple sectors.
  • Employment: It intends to make the Indian automotive industry a significant contributor to the “Skill India” programme and make it one of the largest job creating engines in the Indian economy.
    • The industry has numerous backward and forward linkages across manufacturing and service sectors which will avail opportunities across formal and informal sectors of the Indian economy.
  • Mobility: It seeks to enhance universal mobility to promote safe, efficient and comfortable mobility for every person in the country.
    • It promotes environmental protection and affordability, providing a choice to the consumer for accessing multiple options for mobility.
  • Export: It also aims to increase net exports of the Indian automotive industry and to become one of the major automotive export hubs of the world.
  • Electric Vehicles: It also includes vision on new technologies like electric vehicles and associated infrastructure with new fuel-efficiency regulations.

Considering the recent slowdown in the automobile sector, rigorous implementation of the above automotive plan is expected to improve the overall scenario in the industry.


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