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Prelims Refresher Program 2020

Hot Topics 2020

Day 56

  • 14 Sep 2020
  • 8 min read

Welcome to the Prelims Refresher Programme 2020 - Article Page. On this page, we will provide you with 3 things:

  • A list of topics for revision.
  • A brief discussion of the topics if needed.
  • Links to various sources for preparing these topics.
In the comments, you can ask us to clear your doubts regarding any of the topics listed on the page. We will do our best to explain and clarify your doubts. Further, we may also share links to other web based learning sources like websites or videos, or may refer to you, books, documents etc. Please be cordial to your fellow aspirants and use these doubt-clearing conversations strictly to its stated purpose.

Concluding Day (Final Tips & Tricks)

Hello Aspirants, we hope your preparation for CSE prelims 2020 has been going well. Today we bring you some tips and tricks that may come handy in solving multiple choice questions and help you get across the line.

However, before you delve into this article we request to read the following points that you can take as a disclaimer.

  • Not a Replacement: These tips and tricks, by no means can replace the hard work and dedication that one has to put into this whole CSE preparation.
  • Different Application for Different Aspirants: Efficacy of these tips and tricks is highly subjective and will depend on how wisely you apply these in the examination.
  • May Prove Counterproductive Without Practice: Further, please don't apply these directly in the exam hall, as without sheer practice of these, it can prove counterproductive.
  • Improving Intelligent Guesswork: These tips & tricks are meant to improve the intelligent guesswork which is a prerequisite to attempt the adequate number of questions.

So before applying these into exams, we would strictly recommend to practise and apply these tricks in as many mock tests as you can. Now Let’s Start!

Tip #1: Optimum Number of Attempts

  • As per analysis of previous years cutoffs, at least securing 105-115+ marks (this may vary with the difficulty level of the paper) in the prelims is needed to clear the prelims.
    • Crossing the cutoff window conformably in exam, will give you clarity about writing mains (you can refer to Drishti Answer Key, which we strive to provide most accurately and at the earliest).
  • Suppose you marked only 60 questions, aiming at early 120 marks, but even 10 wrong attempts (due to some silly mistakes or exam pressure) may jeopardise your chances of clearing the prelims.
  • Therefore, attempting any number of questions between 70 to 85 (depending on the number of questions that you are absolutely confident about) may turn out to be suffice.

Tip #2: Don’t Leave 50:50

  • In Prelims every 2 marks for a correct answer and -0.66 for a wrong answer.
  • Suppose a case, that you have eliminated the 2 options out of 4 in 10 such questions. Now according to the rule of probability there is a chance of getting 50% questions right.
    • However, mcqs in prelims are not certainly solving any probability question, there is less chance that 5 questions may turn out to be correct.
    • But, even if only 3 questions out of those turn out to be correct, then you may get +1.33 marks. This 1.33 marks that you got by taking calculated risk may in case help you in breaching that cutoff barrier.
  • Therefore, it is logical to not leave the mcqs where you are sure of eliminating the two options and left with a 50:50 condition.

Tip #3: Some Tricks to Logically Eliminate Some Options

  • In the examination, even if you don't know the right answer just don’t panic!.
  • You can still mark the right answer by eliminating the wrong answer choices to finally come up with the right answer choice or in 50:50 condition.
  • For this you should know how to eliminate the wrong options or statements. You can apply some following tips:
    • Possible wrong statements: Statements with absolutes like ‘Only’, ‘Always’, ‘Certainly’,‘Never’ etc. are usually wrong. You may eliminate one of such statements.
      • Similarly extreme statements can also be eliminated.
    • Possible right statements: On the contrary, if a statement reflects some possibility by mentioning words like ‘may’, ‘somehow’, ‘can’ etc., then there is more chance of that statement to be correct.
    • Applying common sense: Many times, you may come across a question of some government policy or scheme. Even if you may have not read the scheme or may not be knowing those particular points, you can still do it correctly.
      • While doing this type of MCQ, you may apply your common sense and ask yourself whether the points mentioned in the question are feasible or logical for the government or not.
      • Thinking on this line, you may eliminate some wrong options in the mcq.

Tip #4: Read the Complete Question

  • There is a general inclination or aversion amongst the aspirants, regarding some subjects. Also, due to paucity of time, some aspirants may not be able to complete the syllabus.
  • However, even if you come across a question that you haven’t studied during your preparation, PLEASE! don't leave that by just reading the topic of the question.
  • Always remember, a complete mcq comprises topic, statement and options, not just by the topic only.
  • Many times a question may look difficult by just looking at the topic of the question, but after reading the question completely you can come up with the right answer to eliminate the wrong option.

Tip #5: Practice, Practice & Practice!

  • Lastly, as mentioned above these tips and tricks will only prove beneficial after you thoroughly practice them by the mock tests. Also, by doing the mock tests, you will be able to develop your own tricks & fundas and develop a knack of clearing the prelims.
  • Further, as the syllabus is huge, thus you may come across the difficulty of revising the entire syllabus. Hence, revision through tests may act as a great way to prepare yourself for prelims.
  • Therefore, in case you have not completed the 60 Steps to Prelims, you can go through the 20 tests that we have provided in the Prelims Refresher Program.
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