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Spurt in illegal sex-determination tests in UP and Haryana
Jan 13, 2017


Despite increased vigil against cases of illegal sex determination in Haryana as part of its ambitious “BetiBachao, BetiPadhao” campaign, , there is a sudden spurt in such cases in neighbouring States, especially Uttar Pradesh.

Why to UP:
  • Haryana government officials have conducted as many as 74 inter-State raids over the past one-and-a-half-years, tracking leads in cases of illegal sex determination and female foeticide. Of these, the maximum (37 cases) were conducted in UP.
  • With increased enforcement in Haryana, touts were now taking pregnant women to ultrasound centres located outside the State, with UP turning out to be a haven. While touts in Haryana charge Indian_Rupee_symbol.png (10×12)35,000-Indian_Rupee_symbol.png (10×12)30,000 for illegal sex-determination, the rates in Uttar Pradesh are as low as Indian_Rupee_symbol.png (10×12)10,000.
  • The level of sensitisation in UP is not at par with Haryana. The police are not aware of provisions under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act and Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act

BetiBachao, BetiPadhao

The sharp decline as pointed by Census 2011 data is a call for urgent action, as it highlights that the girl child is increasingly being excluded from life itself. Coordinated & convergent efforts are needed to ensure survival, protection and education of the girl child. The Government has announced BetiBachao, BetiPadhao (BBBP) Scheme to address the issue of decline in CSR through a mass campaign across the country, and focussed intervention & Multi-Sectoral Action in 100 gender critical districts.

Objectives of Schemes:
  • Prevent gender biased sex selective elimination 
  • Ensure survival & protection of the girl child
  • Ensure education of the girl child
a). Implement a sustained Social Mobilization and Communication Campaign to create equal value for the girl child & promote her education. 
b). Place the issue of decline in CSR/SRB in public discourse, improvement of which would be a indicator for good governance. 
c). Focus on Gender Critical Districts and Cities low on CSR for intensive & integrated action. 
d). Mobilize & Train Panchayati Raj Institutions/Urban local bodies/ Grassroot workers as catalysts for social change, in partnership with local community/women’s/youth groups. 
e).Ensure service delivery structures/schemes & programmes are sufficiently responsive to issues of gender and children’s rights. 
f). Enable Inter-sectroal and inter-institutional convergence at District/Block/Grassroot levels.

Scheme focus on  Advocacy, Community mobilization & Awareness Generation
i. Community Mobilization and Outreach through interactive initiatives like NaarikiChaupal1 , BetiJanmotsav, Mann ki Baat, etc. may be initiated to spread the message of BetiBachaoBetiPadhao. 
ii. Dedicate a special day every month for celebration of BetiBachao, BetiPadhao.
iii. National Girl Child Day may be celebrated on 24th January every year by all stakeholders including local opinion makers, PRI Members, MLAs, MPs etc. at District levels, led by the District Administrations of the 100 gender critical districts. 
iv. International Women’s Day may be celebratedin order to send out a strong message highlighting the importance of gender equality and need of empowering women and girls. Further, celebration of this Day can be used to highlight the contribution of empowered mothers to the BBBP Scheme.
v. Pledge for protection, safety, value and education of the girl child may be adopted by Govt. of India and the same may be taken on the occasion of National Girl Child Day by DC/DM along with other government functionaries. The Pledge shall be in Hindi and English and States/UTs may get the translation of the same done in regional languages for dissemination in the Districts.
vi. Encouraging reversal of son centric rituals and customs may be done through the following:
  • Advocacy efforts and community mobilization initiatives like celebrating Lohri for the birth of a daughter, siblings tying rakhisto each other on RakshaBandhan, encouraging forgotten age old, progressive concepts like ardhangini (an equal life partner) etc. 
  • Social customs which promote men and boys over women and girls may be targeted and reversed gradually in order to foster gender equality as a long term goal and bring about social and behavioural change with regard to son preference and sex selection
VII. Inclusion of Local Religious/Spiritual Leaders in advocacy and community mobilization initiatives may be done in order to enhance the acceptance of such efforts by the community. 
VIII. Positive Reinforcements of Daughters need be done as providers of old age security. It needs to be highlighted that daughters look after parents in their old age as much as sons do and sometimes even more2 . 
IX. Promotion of Simple Weddings may be done aggressivelyto protect parents from financial burden of dowry and ostentatious marriage ceremonies 
X. Promotion of Equal Property Rights for daughters& sons may be done in the community through community mobilization initiatives 
XI. Prevention of Early/Child Marriage may be done aggressively in order to highlight the importance of allowing girls to complete their school education and preferably opt for higher education/career/skill building/vocational education etc. Special efforts need to made for prevention of the same on onAkshayaTritiya, organized on a massive scale in North India
XII. Encouraging Effective Use of Social Media: A variety of social media platforms may be used for pushing positive messages out.
XIII. Schemes talks about reward:
  • If a Village uses “innovative” methods to improve sex-ratio, it’ll be given Rs.1 crore.
  • District collectors/DM, campaign ambassadors, grassroot workers will also be given suitable reward.
  • School Management Committees will be rewarded if 100% girl children enrolled, and pass in each class.

The core strategies of BBBP include evolving a sustained social mobilization and communication campaign to change societal norms, to create equal value for the girl child, positioning improvement in the CSR as a lead development indicator for good governance, Focusing on very low CSR or gender critical districts and cities for accelerated impact 

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