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"Museum Grant Scheme" for Preservation of Museums and Artefacts
Jun 01, 2016


Museums are a repository of a nation’s culture as they contain explicit examples of the proof of the development of a country’s culture and heritage over a period of time. Prior to the 12th Plan, the Ministry was operating 2 schemes for providing financial assistance for the development of Museums, namely

a) Scheme for financial assistance for promotion and strengthening of Regional and local museums. And

b) Scheme for financial assistance to Museums in Metro Cities.

Why new Scheme:

  • Above two schemes catered to the funding of a large number of museums in the XI Plan period, however a need was felt that the Ministry of culture should also evolve a mechanism for funding of large scale museums on public private partnership (PPP) framework.

  • It was noted that there is a significant scope for the involvement of the private / corporate sector in the development of museums, an activity which had hitherto been single handedly dealt with by the Government.

  • It was observed that the development of large scale museums at par with international standards required significant amount of funding which the Government was not able to provide under the existing 2 schemes and hence it was decided to initiate a new scheme with a possibility of larger funding and with the involvement of the private sector.

  • In order to avoid a plethora of schemes in this sector, it was decided to merge the 3 schemes within a single umbrella scheme with different components, for funding museums of different magnitudes.

Objective of the scheme

The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the State Governments, Autonomous bodies, Local Bodies, Societies and Trusts registered under the Societies Act for setting up of new Museums as well as for development of existing museums.

Financial assistance will be given for the establishment of new museums and for the development of existing museums, managed by State Governments, organizations, institutions, societies, trusts, local bodies, academic institutions, etc. registered under relevant statutes or under any other law for the time being in force. The broad range will include museums having collections of

a. Antiquities

b. Numismatics

c. Paintings

d. Ethnologica collections

e. Folk art

f. Others including Art & Crafts, Textiles, Stamps, etc.

g. Online Virtual Museums displaying objects in any or all of the above disciplines.

The Scheme will have 3 components :

a. Establishment and Development of District and Regional Museums.

b. Development of Museums in State Capitals

c. Establishment and Development of Large Scale Museums in Public Private Partnership (PPP) Mode.

The Scheme has three components:-

Component A: Establishment and Development of District and Regional Museums: Under this component museums have been classified into two categories-

  • Category-I: Government-owned State level Museums and renowned Museums with exquisite collection and
  • Category-II: all other Museums.

Component B: Development of Museums in State Capitals :

  • Financial assistance under this component is provided to existing renowned museums of the Central or State Government located in the Capital cities.

  • Maximum financial assistance under this component is limited to Rs. 15 Crore per museum.

Component C:  Establishment and Development of Large Scale Museums in Public Private Partnership Mode:

  • To establish large scale museums as joint ventures with State Governments and the civil society in Public Private Partnership Mode.

  • Maximum financial assistance provided under this component is 40% of the project cost subject to maximum of Rs. 20 Crore per museum.

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