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World Powers & Iran Reach Nuclear Accord
Apr 04, 2015

Iran and world powers (P5+1 group) agreed on the framework of a potentially historic deal aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear drive after marathon talks in Lusanne, Switzerland. After eight days of talks that sometimes went through the night, Iran agreed to curtail its nuclear program in return for the lifting of punishing sanctions. 

  • It marks a major breakthrough in a 12-year standoff between Iran and the West. 

  • The global powers and Iran now have parameters to resolve major issues on nuclear program.

  • Deal will include Iran slashing the number of centrifuges by two-thirds, 6,104 from 19,000, which can make fuel for nuclear power but also the core of a nuclear bomb.

  • Only 5060 of Iran’s permitted installed centrifuges will be enriching uranium for 10 years.

  • The design of a new reactor will be changed so that no weapons-grade plutonium can be produced.

  • The Fordo facility, built deep into a mountain, will remain open but will not be used for enrichment but for research and development.

  • Iran has agreed to not enrich uranium over 3.67 percent for at least 15 years.

  • Iran also agrees to reduce current stockpile of some 10 thousand kg. of low-enriched uranium to 300 kg. of 3.67 percent low-enriched uranium for 15 years.

  • Iran agrees that all excess centrifuges and enrichment infrastructure to be placed in IAEA monitored storage, will used only as replacement.

  • Iran has agreed to not build any new facilities for the purpose of enriching uranium for 15 years.

  • Strict inspection of Iran’s uranium supply chain will last for 25 years.

  • The P5+1 group (the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia+Germany) hope that the deal will make it virtually impossible for Iran to make nuclear weapons under the guise of its civilian program.

  • France warned that the sanctions could be reimposed if Iran does not fully keep its side of the deal.

  • A successful implementation could put Iran and the United States on the road to better relations after 35 years of animosity.

  • The sanctions sent the economy of OPEC member state Iran into recession but it is now reporting growth again.

  • Iran will receive economic and oil sanction relief running into billions of dollars if it verifiably abides by its commitments.

  • United States and the EU will lift all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran once the UN atomic agency has verified that Iran has stuck to the deal.

  • Past UN Security Council resolutions will be lifted as Iran addresses concerns about its nuclear program. 

  • The main outlines agreed at the negotiations now have to be finalised in a highly complex agreement by June 30.

With the world's fourth biggest oil and second biggest gas reserves, the energy industry is the cornerstone of Iran's economy, but it was hit hard by the American and European embargo imposed in 2012. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the drafting of a full agreement would begin immediately with the aim of completing it by the June 30 deadline.

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