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World Bank Assisted Project 'Neeranchal' for the Watershed Component
Oct 14, 2015

The Union Government has given its approval to implement the World Bank assisted National Watershed Management Project Neeranchal with a total outlay of $357 million.

  • The project will be implemented at the National level and the total cost of the project is Rs. 2142.30 crore of which the Government's share is Rs. 1071.15 crore (50 percent) and rest is the loan component from the World Bank.

For achieving the major objectives of the Watershed Component of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana (PMKSY) and for ensuring access to irrigation to every farm (Har Khet Ko Pani) and efficient use of water (Per Drop More Crop), Neeranchal is primarily designed to address the following concerns:

1. Bring about institutional changes in watershed and rainfed agricultural management practices in India.
2. Build systems that ensure watershed programmes and rainfed irrigation management practices are better focussed, and more coordinated, and have quantifiable results.
3. Devise strategies for the sustainability of improved watershed management practices in programme areas, even after the withdrawal of project support,
4. Through the watershed plus approach, support improved equity, livelihoods, and incomes through forward linkages, on a platform of inclusiveness and local participation.

  • Neeranchal will translate into better implementation outcomes of PMKSY. The programme will lead to reducing surface runoff of rainwater, increasing recharge of ground water and better availability of water in rainfed areas resulting in incremental rainfed agriculture productivity, enhanced milk yield and increased cropping intensity through better convergence related programmes in project areas.

  • Neeranchal is designed to further strengthen and provide technical assistance to the Watershed Component of PMKSY, in particular and all components of PMKSY, in general, to enhance its delivery capacity.

  • Neeranchal will support the Watershed component of PMKSY (erstwhile IWMP) which was implemented by the Department of Land Resources (DoLR) in 28 States.

  • Watershed development projects are area development programme and all people living in the project area will be benefitted.

The Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) was implemented since 2009-10 for supporting watershed development in 28 States. From 2015-16 onwards, the IWMP will be implemented as the Watershed Component of PMKSY.

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