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Work on Smart Cities to Begin this Year
Feb 09, 2015

The government plans to take up 20-30 cities during the next financial year under its flagship scheme to develop smart cities. There would be some minimum pre-qualification for the cities to make it to the elite club.

  • The government is looking at creating a colony or commercial area as small as 50 acres within a city limit with smart features in five years that can be replicated in other parts in successive years.

  • Once people see a success story in their vicinity and there is a model, more such areas can be developed with people's participation.

There will be three approaches–retrofitting, redevelopment and green-field development.

  1. Under the retrofitting scheme, a city can undertake an area of minimum 500 acres and can implement the scheme in three years.

  2. Under a redevelopment scheme, a 50 acre area can be taken as a model.

  3. Under green-field development, the project area can be a vacant land spread over at least 250 acres and can be completed in 10 years.

  • While selecting cities, their performance in Swachh Bharat scheme and the initiatives taken for good governance, such as at least 50% tax collection and 60% assessment of properties would be considered.

  • Some of the other features that can prove as an advantage for any city are identifying Business Investment Districts (BIDs) that can generate more employment, model bye-laws and the existence of a municipal cadre.

  • Government has set a target to develop 100 smart cities.

  • Centre wants the cities to be aligned with the objectives of other flagship schemes including Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India, Make in India, Urban Livelihoods and Shelter for All.

  • The specific priorities of such cities would be to have clean air, move towards zero discharge of solid and liquid waste, make streets litter free, involve citizens in policy-making and execution, generate jobs, expand the identified core economic activities, reduce and eliminate poverty and make basic services available to all especially the poor and disadvantaged.

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