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Web Portal 'Khoya Paya' to Track Missing & Found Children
Jun 11, 2015

The Government has launched Khoya Paya web portal to track missing children. It is a citizen based website to exchange information on missing and found children. It has been developed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY). There is alreay another portal also named ‘Track Child’ that belongs to the Ministry of Home Affairs, but in that portal only police communicates with the police. 

Track Child is a limited portal, whereas everybody can participate in the new portal.

Key Features

  • The new Khoya Paya web portal establishes citizen to citizen contact and allows everyone to take part in search for missing children.

  • This type of portal is launched for the first time in India. 

  • The Khoya Paya website is an enabling platform, where citizens can report missing children, as well as sightings of their whereabouts without wasting much time. 

  • The Found children can also be reported on this web portal. 

  • The reporting can be done through text, photographs, videos and other means of transmitting and uploading information to the KhoyaPaya site. 

  • Information about missing and sighted children can be uploaded at

  • The Khoyapaya web portal will facilitate in the speedy reporting of missing and found children. 

  • The missing children can be located through the site based interaction. 

  • The citizens can upload the information related to the found children. 

  • They will be encouraged to provide information about the abandoned, lost children and those children who are sighted with the suspicious persons. 

  • Through this portal, they are also advised to inform the nearest police station.

As per the information provided by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), number of missing children every year is about 70,000. Total recovered children since January 2012 upto April 2015 is 73597 as per the data available on Track Child portal. In such circumstances a citizen based website to search children can really be helpful in locating the missing children. 

The missing children are a cause of deep concern not only for the Government but also for the child protection institutions, society and above all for the parents. These children are vulnerable to the mental and physical assault which leads to mental trauma for these children. Most of the missing children are trafficked for labour, for sexual exploitation, abducted, or kidnapped, or due to crimes against children. They could be runaways from home, or simply be lost. This is the reason that it is not only important to get the information related to these missing children, but it is equally important that the information is exchanged speedily to locate the children. 

Helpline Number : 87501 87501
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