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Violent Anti-China Protests in Vietnam over South China Dispute;
May 20, 2014

China Threatens of War with Vietnam

Thousands of protesters broke into foreign plants wrecking and looting the sites. Fifteen factories were burnt down while over 1,000 others were shut down. Most of the factories belong to China’s Taiwan-invested companies.

An official of the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) said that some of the factories were targeted after workers had left. The violence was more widespread, with several factories targeted.

The protests broke out as scores of Vietnamese and Chinese naval vessels rammed into each other over attempts by the Chinese oil rig to drill in the waters of the South China Sea, claimed by both countries.

China has lodged diplomatic protests over attacks on Chinese factories and initiated emergency measures to protect Chinese nationals working in Vietnam. China accused Vietnam of bringing media persons on ships to see Vietnamese vessels ramming into Chinese ships in order to hype up the tensions.

China sought Indonesian mediation to help calm escalating tensions with Vietnam over the South China Sea dispute as thousands of angry Vietnamese torched several Chinese projects to protest attempts by a Chinese oil rig to drill in the disputed waters.

Indonesia, an influential member of the ASEAN which has no maritime disputes with China has played the role of mediator in the past between China and some of the countries from the bloc and could do so again this time. Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei, all members of ASEAN, have disputes with China which claims almost the entire South China Sea.

War Threat by China: China has threatened of war with Vietnam in the wake of the riots in which many Chinese nationals dead and others injured. Vietnam is faced by the worst anti-China crisis due to the deployment of oilrigs in the Asian waters that triggered tensions between Vietnamese and Chinese vessels. The unrest has spread to 22 provinces with the Vietnamese government calling for stringent measures to bring the situation under control and avoid an exodus of foreign investors.

The riots have created strong feelings of resentment among the Chinese nationals with thousands of workers flee the area and others taking refuge in Cambodia. 

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