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Unified Security System for women proposed
Jan 03, 2014

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved setting up of a unified system at the national level (National Vehicle Security and Tracking System) and State level (City Command and Control Centre) for Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking of the location of emergency buttons in and video recording of incidents in public transport vehicles, in 32 cities of the country with a population of one million or more according to the 2011 census. The Rs. 1,405 crore project is part of the Nirbhaya Fund, set up after the gang rape of a student in Delhi in December, 2012.

The implementation of the project will help in mapping of roads and routes assigned to public vehicles; Tracking of vehicles on the route; Highlighting of violations through visual and text signals. The panic button will alert the transport department and the police through visual, text and voice services. These systems will be mandatory for public vehicles to obtain permits and for registration.

The scheme will be implemented in two phases. The cities have been identified on the basis of the Census 2011 data.

The scheme for security for women in public road transport has been formulated with purpose of improving safety and protection of women from violence by using information technology in the following manner:

I. Tracking of all public transport vehicles: This shall be done in accordance with Sections 72, 74, 75 and 76 of Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Defaults will be reported and updated on the data base of the vehicle.

II. Emergency button in all public transport vehicles: The button will generate an alarm in the system. For vehicles which are also provided with facilities for video recording, the City Command and Control Centre can receive pictures of actual incidents and raise an alarm with the nearest police and transport patrol to reach the bus.

III.Video recording in public transport vehicles with large seating capacity: Incidents recorded will be kept for seven days in the on-board unit and can be used as evidence and arrest of accused in case of any incident.

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