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UN Registers Delhi Metro (DMRC) to Quantify Climate Change Benefits
Jan 17, 2015

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has registered the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) as the world’s first transport sector project under the Program of Activities (PoA), which will make the DMRC the managing entity for all other metros of India for fast tracking Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) registration of all upcoming rail based metro systems in India, in future.

  • A PoA is a unique UN mandated mechanism which allows similar carbon credit projects to be clubbed together that can be operated and managed under a single umbrella. 

  • For claiming carbon credits in future, DMRC will be the managing entity for all other metros of India under the PoA mechanism which will facilitate fast track CDM registration of all upcoming rail based metro systems in India.

  • The first project in this PoA will reduce approximately 6.3 lakh tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent annually from Phase-3 operations of DMRC. 

  • This will quantify the climate change benefit accrued from Metro operation in an internationally accepted format. 

  • The Green House Gas reduced due to the first registered project under the PoA is equivalent to getting 3.7 lakh cars off road and associated savings in fossil fuel.

  • DMRC has already registered 3 more projects viz. The Regenerative Braking project, The Modal Shift project and The Energy Efficiency Project under CDM and Gold Standard which are expected to reduce approximately 5.7 lakhs Co2 emission reductions annually.

  • These credits can be used by entities in developed nations to offset their Green House Gas emissions.

  • Registration of PoA proves to be a landmark achievement since it will now reduce the registration time for a Metro project from years to months at a substantially lower cost. 

  • Being the managing entity and by streamlining aggregation of carbon credits from all metro operation across India, DMRC intends to achieve economies of scale and provide value proposition (technical as well as financial) to all upcoming metros across India.

  • The PoA took 3 years to get all necessary national and international approval. 

DMRC has been a forerunner in quantifying climate change benefits from its operations. DMRC is committed to making continuous efforts on being green and sustainable in terms of its energy usage. It is also installing solar panels on metro stations to further reduce energy demand from fossil based energy. In 2008, DMRC had become the first Metro or Railway project in the world to be registered by the United Nations under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which has enabled it to claim carbon credits.

Delhi Metro has earned Rs. 9.5 Crore through earlier Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects i.e. Regenerative braking and modal shift projects, between January, 2004 and 2012. The Gold Standard registration has helped DMRC to earn 7000-7500 amount of VERs (credits) per annum for next ten years.

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