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Third Stage of Nuclear Programme
Aug 10, 2015

The Government is committed to implement the third stage of Indian Nuclear Power Programme, after an adequate nuclear installed capacity has been reached based on Fast Breeder Reactors to be set up in the second stage.

  • On account of non-existence of any fissile isotope in naturally occurring Thorium (unlike that existing in Uranium), commercial utilisation of Thorium, on a significant scale, can begin only when abundant supply of either Uranium or Plutonium resources are available.

  • Upon the launch, followed by a significant growth of a Thorium based nuclear programme in this manner, it could be possible to maintain the achieved level (without much further growth) of nuclear power programme with thorium alone, without additional demands on uranium or plutonium resources.

  • Therefore, considering the meager domestic uranium resources in the country, it is feasible to start a significant commercial level Thorium based reactor programme only after an adequate inventory of Plutonium becomes available from Fast Breeder Reactors, comprising the second stage of Indian nuclear programme.

  • Accordingly, the utilisation of Thorium as a practically inexhaustible energy source has been contemplated during the third stage of the Indian nuclear programme, which can be reached after a few decades.

  • Substantial work has been carried out in the areas of research on technologies for utilisation of thorium in nuclear fuel cycle, and on the development of an Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR), to serve as a technology demonstrator for use of Thorium based fuel on a large scale.

Nuclear Projects Initiated in the Last Five Years

Project Location Capacity (MW) Completion cost (Rs.Crore)
Kakrapar Atomic Power Project Units 3&4 (KAPP 3&4) Kakrapar, Gujarat 2 x 700 11459
Rajasthan Atomic Power Project Units 7&8 (RAPP 7&8) Rawatbhata, Rajasthan 2 x 700 12320

Projects Accorded Financial Sanction and being readied for Launch

Project Location Capacity (MW) Completion cost (Rs.Crore)
Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana (GHAVP 1&2) Gorakhpur, Haryana 2 x 700 20594
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP 3&4) Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu 2 x 1000 39849


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