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TRAI Recommends 112 as Single Emergency Number
Apr 10, 2015

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended implementation of the toll-free number as a single point of contact for assistance in a major emergency.

  • Similar to the '911' all-in-one emergency service in the USA, government can integrate all existing emergency numbers such as 100, 101, 102 and 108 into the proposed '112' helpline number.

  • The TRAI suggested the existing helplines can be retained as secondary numbers and if a call is made to any of these numbers, it should be directed to 112.

  • To implement Single number based Integrated Emergency Communication & Response System (IECRS), the number '112' is to be chosen as a single emergency number for India.

  • The mechanism looks simple: a caller dials the IECRS, a software interprets the call, chooses the appropriate response and dispatch, for instance, police for a woman in distress or an ambulance for an accident.

  • The ERS will be able to receive voice calls from landlines, mobile phones, public pay phones, Internet as well as multi-line telephone systems, voice and text messages. 

  • Calls can be made even when the outgoing facility has been debarred or the service is temporarily suspended.

  • Telecom and Internet service providers will have to enable their networks for integration with the system, which will also have an automatic location information database to identify the spot from where the call has been made.

  • Calls and text messages will land at the nearest public safety answering point or the control room.

  • Calls made to '112' from a landline or mobile phone will be routed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) which would be similar to a call centre. The number of such PSAPs in a state or union territory will be decided by their respective governments provided that there's at least a single such centre in each state/UT.

  • The emergency response centres will function under the police commissioners in major cities and district magistrates in other urban hubs.

  • Four regional databases, one each in metro city, containing subscriber details of telecom operators should be set up in the country. These regional databases should be interconnected and each of the telecom operator and PSAPs should be mandated to connect to the nearby regional database centre.

  • TRAI has recommended that BSNL may be directed to set up or hire and maintain infrastructure (data centre) wherein the subscriber database provided by all telecom operators is installed and updated. BSNL will be responsible for managing the confidential databases and also ensure confidentiality and secrecy of the data.

  • TRAI has also recommended that access to emergency facility should not be allowed from mobile handsets or devices which do not have a SIM.


Helpline Number : 87501 87501
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