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Surya Kiran VIII: Joint India Nepal Exercise Concludes
Mar 11, 2015

The eighth India-Nepal Combined Exercise (Surya Kiran VIII), aimed to create a greater understanding between the army of both sides and develop interoperability in jungle warfare and counter terrorism operations in mountainous terrain, concluded on 7th March. Surya Kiran VIII had commenced on 23rd February at Salijhandi, Nepal.

  • The exercise was conducted under the aegis of Nepalese Army. 

  • The exercise aimed to create a greater understanding between Indian & Nepalese Army and develop interoperability in Jungle Warfare and Counter Terrorism operations in mountainous terrain. 

  • It also focused on the basics of Disaster Management with special reference to Pandemic/ Epidemic control and aviation aspects. 

  • Over the years, the two countries have decided to progressively increase the scope and content of the combined exercise. 

  • The training culminated in a 48 hours consolidation and validation exercise in which troops of both countries carried out a search and destroy mission in the general area of Salijhandi. 

  • Goodwill generated during this training will go a long way in further strengthening the military bond between the two Armies and also in understanding each other’s organisational concepts and methodology of conducting Counter Terrorism operations as well as sharing knowledge and experience on the issues of Disaster Management.

Surya Kiran-VII was held at Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand in 2014. The 14 day-long exercise was carried out under the aegis of Garud Division of Indian army. Surya Kiran exercises provide an ideal platform for the personnel of the two countries to share their experiences on counter terrorists operations; especially in mountainous terrain.

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