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Successful Tests of Advanced Versions of BrahMos Missile
May 12, 2015

An advanced version of the BrahMos land-attack cruise missile was successfully test-fired on Saturday from the Car Nicobar Islands.

  • The land-to-land configuration of BrahMos was launched from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher for its full-range of 290-km on 9 May.

  • A similar test was concluded successfully on 8th May too.

  • This is the 48th test firing of the missile.

  • This test met all flight parameters, including high-level manoeuvers.

  • The mission was successful and the missile penetrated the target bulls-eye.

  • The supersonic cruise missile is developed by BrahMos Aerospace as a joint venture between DRDO and NPO Mashinostroeyenia of Russia.

  • The 8.4-meter long missile can fly at 2.8 times the speed of sound and is capable of carrying conventional warheads of up to 300 kgs for a range of 290 km.

  • Featuring a very low radar signature, it can be launched from land, ship, submarines and air platforms.

  • BrahMos Aerospace is currently working to develop the submarine launched, air launched and hyper-sonic version of the missile.

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