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Social Progress Index-2015: India Ranked 101
Apr 10, 2015

India has been ranked low in Social Progress Index-2015 made by Social Progress Imperative. Out of 133 countries rated on different parameters, India has secured the 101th place. 

  • This is lower than India’s rank, of 93, for GDP per capita income. 

  • Even Nepal and Bangladesh rank higher than India in the ratings.

  • Among South Asian countries Nepal is above India (101), Pakistan (112), Bangladesh (100) and Afghanistan (131) and trails only to Sri Lanka (88).

  • South Asian countries Bhutan and Maldives were not included in the survey.

  • Globally, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand were top-5 ranked countries. 

  • The 2015 Social Progress Index includes 133 countries covering 94% of the world’s population, plus 28 countries with partial data.

  • The points a country receives are placed on a 0-100 scale and categorized as very high, high, medium high, medium low, low and very low.

  • The rating is based on indicators of health, water and sanitation, personal safety, access to opportunity, tolerance, inclusion, personal freedom and choice. 

Tracking social progress trends over time will be important for understanding the speed with which social progress responds to changes in economic performance. It remains to be seen how quickly fast-growing economies such as India and China, that currently under-perform on social progress relative to their GDP per capita, can turn economic success into improving social conditions



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