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'Smart Vault' by ICICI Bank
Aug 21, 2015

ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank, has launched the Smart Vault, a fully automated locker available 24x7, including weekends and after banking hours. 

Key Features

  • The 'Smart Vault' uses robotic technology to access lockers from the safe vault.

  • It enables customers to access their lockers in a secure lounge where the locker automatically comes up to the customer. 

  • Customers can access the lockers in total privacy without any intervention of the branch staff, ICICI Bank said. 

  • Located at New Delhi, the 'Smart Vault' is equipped with multi-layered security systems including biometric authentication, debit card & PIN authentication, unique dimple keys that are difficult to replicate, 'unbreakable lock system' and the option of using additional personal lock as well. 

  • The 'Smart Vault' facility comprises of a locker room for complete privacy. 

  • A customer can gain access to this locker room by swiping his/her debit card and validating his/her identity through biometric authentication.

  • Once inside, the customer requires to swipe his/her debit card again and enter his/her PIN on the interactive touch screen kiosk to select the locker he/she wants to access. 

  • The robotic arm in the safe vault room then identifies, retrieves and presents the locker to the customer at the lounge. 

  • The customer will now have to use his/her unique dimple keys to open the locker and deposit or withdraw valuables from the locker.

  • Once the transaction ends, the robotic arm retracts the locker back to its secured location. 

  • The 'Smart Vault' enables customers to access their locker at a convenient height, eliminating the need to climb a ladder or bend low as required in regular lockers. 

  • There are several alert mechanisms including a biometric alert facility, a direct call line to a central team available round-the-clock, automatic alarms for sessions beyond a specified time, 24x7 armed guard, and video patrolling by the bank after banking hours and SMS alerts to customers on usage of locker.

Helpline Number : 87501 87501
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