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School Nursery Yojana Launched
Aug 17, 2015

The Government has launched the School Nursery Yojana, an initiative to bring students closer to nature, by involving them in raising of saplings in nurseries created in schools.

  • The underlying theme of the Yojana is to plant a tree for sustainable future and to make the nation clean and green. 

  • Under the Yojana, students will sow the seeds, grow saplings in the school nursery, as part of practical exercise for Biology classes and extra-curricular activities for students of other streams. 

  • The students will also carry out a tree census in their school and the locality. 

  • School Nursery Yojana is being launched in 1, 000 schools this year and it will be expanded to cover around 5, 000 schools next year and to about 10, 000 schools in the third year. 

  • In this way the children will not only live with nature, but also love nature through their experiences.

  • The main objective of the School Nursery Yojana is to create an everlasting bond between the young students and plants and trees. Some of the other objectives of the Yojana include—providing an opportunity to the students to learn about nature and work with soil, develop among the students an organic linkage and positive emotions for the environment, keep the schools and the neighbourhood green, enable schools to distribute saplings to students to plant in their homes and surroundings and create an army of young, green warriors. 

  • Through the School Nursery Yojana, the Ministry will support schools to provide all the essential facilities for raising of saplings for use of students and schools. 

  • A school Nursery will have a small space of a minimum of 100 sq meter for preparing beds for raising saplings and for nursery-related activities, including preparing, planting a mixture of good earth, soil and manure, filling earthen pots and storage of seeds. 

  • Each School Nursery is expected to create 1000 saplings every year. 

  • The schools will be encouraged to take up composting, rain water harvesting and water recycling to inculcate best practices in young minds.

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