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Russia Put Retaliatory Sanctions on USA and EU
Aug 08, 2014

Russia will ban all imports of US food products as well as fruit and vegetables from the European Union after President Vladimir Putin ordered retaliation for Western sanctions against Russia.

With Russia a major buyer of food from the United States and Europe, the ban marks a deep escalation of an economic tit-for-tat set off by the crisis in Ukraine, which has brought East-West relations to their lowest since the Cold War.

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on halting or limiting imports of agricultural products from countries which have imposed sanctions on Russia, ordering his government to come up with a list of imports to be banned for a year. All food products that are being produced in the US and being supplied to Russia will be banned and fruit and vegetables from EU will be covered by the total ban.

Russians are by far the biggest buyers of EU fruit and vegetables, having bought 21.5 percent of EU vegetable exports and 28 percent of the bloc's fruit exports in 2011. They also have a strong appetite for US chicken, buying 276,100 tonnes of it last year, or 8 percent of US exports. This made it the second largest buyer behind Mexico.

Russia said it would discuss an option to increase food imports from Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Brazilian producers could send an additional 150,000 tonnes of chicken per year to Russia to make up the shortfall.

Washington and the EU first imposed sanctions after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March and tightened them after a Malaysian airliner was shot down last month over territory in eastern Ukraine held by pro-Moscow rebels. Moscow rejects Western allegations that the rebels used a missile it supplied to bring down the airliner, killing all 298 people on board.

The prospect of tit-for-tat economic restrictions has raised concern among smaller EU nations that have close trading ties to Russia. Finland, which shares a long border with Russia. Neutral Finland traded heavily with its huge neighbour even during the Cold War, and suffered badly when the Soviet Union collapsed almost a quarter of a century ago. Today, Russia is Finland's third largest export market, while Russian tourists spend roughly 2 billion euros ($2.7 billion) a year in Finland.


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